Winter Term, January 2020 Non-Instructional

Use for non-instructional workshop payments

These instructions cover payments for workshop duties that could include: Coordinator or Resource person; Consultant; Guest Speaker; Director salary only (if Director is also teaching, follow Quick Tips for Instruction) for a current, full-time Miami employee. If the person providing these services to the workshop is a part-time employee or a Graduate Assistant (see FAQs for eligibility), the payment request should be submitted on a paper Payroll Document indicating the hours worked and rate of pay.

EPAF Quick Tips | Winter Term Non-Instructional Workshops
Field Entry

Query Date

02/01/2020 for LATER submissions (originated /approved AFTER 1/15/2020) See Important Dates chart

Approval Category


Choose GO; enter Position, Suffix in New Job; click GO. For most, this will be a new job (instead of a reappointment).


Departmental Credit Hour Position Number. (Title of position is Visiting Faculty)

Suffix 55 or 56
Contract Type Overload for a full-time faculty member
Job Begin Date

If no Current Value, 01/01/2020; if Current Value exists, copy it.
(Current Value will appear once you Save the EPAF)

Begin Job Record Dates:

Effective Date: 01/01/2020; 02/01/2020 (for LATER submission)
Personnel Date: Actual first date of workshop  See Important Dates chart

FTE .1
Hours/Pay 1
Factors & Pays Pre-entered 1/1 
Annual Salary

Salary for this position as defined in workshop budget (please round – no pennies)

Timesheet ORGN

Departmental three-letter code 99

Payroll ID MN will pre-fill (not enterable). 

Will pre-fill based on the position number. Must be changed.

Workshop Index

Workshop: Each workshop has unique index (Index # will be sent to workshop director from Global Initiatives; you’ll need to know this).
Type the unique index over what pre-fills; click the “Default from Index” button; enter the workshop account code (111740) in the empty space.

Account Code

Workshop instruction:  111740 -- Enter in newly-blank space.

Job Earnings Effective Date

01/01/2020; 02/01/2020 (for LATER submission) (See Important Dates chart)

Earnings Code

Choose FPY from drop-down list.
Re-enter hours per pay in "hours or units per pay" as 1

End Job Record Dates

Effective Date:  01/31/2020; 02/29/2020 (LATER submissions)
Personnel Date:  Actual last date of workshop  See Important Dates chart

Routing Queue

Level 10 Academic Personnel Reviewer Choose Christine Spaulding (spauldcj)
Level 45 Chair/Director/Supervisor Choose appropriate chair or director
Level 50 Dean Choose appropriate dean designee (note: NOT the actual dean)
Level 60 VP and Provost Choose Celia Ellison (knightcm)
Level 90 HR/Academic Personnel (applier) Choose Beth Matix (matixb)

For Workshops:
Add level to queue: click the first "Not Selected" choice; highlight Level 11 "Special Approval" then click the magnifying glass and select Natasha Burgess.
At the far right, under "Required Action," choose "Approve."

Save or Save and Add New Rows: Frequency of saving up to you!

Comment Field

To be entered by the originator in the blank comment field:
Specific locale for workshop; Course #; Section #; specific assignment and/or title; date of workshop.


Don’t worry about the warning "Total FTE for this employee exceeds one."  Or "This Job Assignment is IPEDS reportable." 

After submission

Check the progress of the EPAF through the approvals. When the contract is "pending with Beth Matix" the faculty member has received an email (via the Miami email account) that the contract is ready to accept. Only after acceptance will it feed into payroll.

Reference Charts

Important Dates for Winter, 2019

Query Date

Effective Date

Personnel Date


End Job

Effective Date

Personnel Date


Pay Dates
Last working day of the month
Winter 01/01/2020 Actual first day 01/31/2020 Actual last day 1/1 January
Later submission 02/01/2020 Actual first day 02/29/2020 Actual last day 1/1 February

EPAF Reference Guide available upon request from Academic Personnel Services.