Instructional Percent-Time, Spring 2019-2020

For faculty with re-appointments for one semester only: percent time one semester

Please refer to EPAF Quick Guide for specifics not covered below.

EPAF Quick Tips: Percent-Time
Field Entry
Query Date 02/01/2020
Approval Category Faculty PT Credit Hire Percent, All Campuses, FAPTPO
Position and Suffix Select Position/Suffix from All Jobs list: appropriate to position being reappointed.
Current Employee/Different Dept.: New with position/suffix, etc. for new department /EPAF Job. Complete New Job fields
Suffix 00
Job Begin Date Same as Current Value; if no Current Value: 02/01/2020
Begin Job Record 02/01/2020
Personnel Begin Date 01/27/2020
FTE & Hours/Pay See One Semester Only Calculations Chart
Annual Salary Salary for this position
Account Code Oxford: 111420
Hamilton or Middletown: 111810
Earn Code FPY
End Job Record Dates


Personnel End Date


Routing Queue

Level 10 Academic Personnel Reviewer Hannah Lebovitz (lebovihe)
Level 45 Chair/Director/Supervisor: Choose appropriate chair
Level 50 Dean: Choose appropriate Dean Designee (not the actual dean)
Level 60 Provost Review Celia Ellison (knightcm)
Level 90 HR/Academic Personnel (applier) Beth Matix (matixb)

Comment Field

To be entered by originator: Campus (where course is offered); Department; and
Percent Time of Appointment.

After submission

Check the progress of the EPAF through the approval system; be sure it’s not stuck with someone. When the contract is “pending with Beth Matix” that means the faculty member has received an email (via the Miami email account) that the contract is ready to be accepted. Only after acceptance will it feed into payroll.

*Manual is available via email by contacting Academic Personnel Services.

Reference Charts

One Semester Only Calculations Chart,
Fall 2017-18
FTE Based on % of Time
% Time of Work FTE Hours Per Pay
70 .35 121.33
66 (2/3) .33 115.55
50 (1/2) .25 86.66
33 (1/3) .17 57.78
25 (1/4) .125 43.33
20 (1/5) .10 34.67