Preparing and Assembling Promotion and Tenure Packets

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

Please submit promotion and tenure documents electronically in PDF for the annual review according to the following guidelines.

In the Department

  1. The candidates’ packets are assembled as follows:
    1. Cover sheet (if applicable, include written documentation for approval for years waived (7.6.A MUPIM) or extensions granted (7.6.B MUPIM) to probationary period.)
    2. Chair’s letter and/or Program Director’s (if applicable) letter
    3. Departmental P&T Committee’s letter
    4. Dean of the Regional Campuses’ letter (if applicable)
    5. Candidate’s dossier (Limit 20 pages formatted as described in Guidelines)
    6. Sample letter requesting external review
    7. A summary, limited to a total of two (2) pages, of external reviewers’ CVs
    8. Letters from external reviewers
  2. Each candidate’s packet is scanned in PDF and emailed to the dean’s office.
  3. A hard copy of the cover sheet with original signatures is hand delivered to the dean’s office.


  • Candidates shall be responsible for providing additional materials as required by the department and division.
  • Hard copies of the candidates’ packets may be required at the department and/or division level.

In the Dean's Office

  1. The candidates’ PDF files are forwarded electronically to the University Provost's office via the Executive Assistant to the Provost, Jenn Walter at
  2. The following documents are hand delivered to the Provost's Office:*
    • The hard copies of the cover sheets with original signatures
    • Probationary faculty annual evaluations

*Additional notes on documents to be sent:

  • Annual evaluations for probationary faculty should clearly state the YEAR at the top of each document. Put all the candidate’s annual evaluations in a SEALED envelope.
  • In the event the Dean makes a negative recommendation, that correspondence may be hand delivered or sent electronically to the Provost's Office.