Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, 2018

The best faculty members combine intense intellectual curiosity with a talent for high-quality teaching, active prosecution of research, scholarly and/or creative work, and a demonstrable commitment to productive professional service. The university seeks to reward through tenure and promotion those persons who exhibit the highest standards of teaching, research and service.

Jason Berberich

Department of Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering

Dawn Blitz

Department of Biology

Per Bloland

Department of Music

Po-Chang Chen

Department of Accountancy

Elise Clerkin

Department of Psychology

Theresa Conover

Department Justice and Community Services

Linh Dich

Department of English/ Languages, Literatures, and Writing

Caleb Eckhardt

Department of Mathematics

John Forren

Department of Justice and Community Services

Tyler Henry

Department of Finance

Anthony James, JR.

Department of Family Science & Social Work

Ziying Jiang

Department of Geography/ Social & Behavioral Sciences

Thomas Mays

Department of Commerce

Stephanie Nicely

Department of Nursing

Richard Page

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

David Perez, II

Department of Educational Leadership

Dhananjai (DJ) Rao

Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering

John Schaefer

Department of Anthropology/ Social and Behavioral Sciences

April Smith

Department of Psychology

Leland Spencer

Department of Interdisciplinary & Communication Studies

Tim Holcomb (Tenure)

Department of Management & Entrepreneurship