Faculty 180 FAQs

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What is Faculty 180?

Faculty 180 is an activity reporting database system created by Inferfolio, formerly known as Data 180, an education technology company founded by professors at Morehead State University. Faculty enter scholarship, teaching, and service activity information into the database. Chairs and deans can run multiple reports on the information without repeatedly asking faculty for information.

Why are we doing this?

Save faculty and chairs time and effort

  1. Enter your information once and then run multiple reports such as annual activity reports, vitas, graduate faculty standing, and biosketches.
  2. Information from Banner pre-fills fields on courses taught so you don't have to.
  3. Grant information from eSPA pre-fills fields so you don't have to (monthly uploads).
  4. Chairs and administrators can run numerous reports at the department, division, and university level.
  5. Data in Faculty 180 can be used to populate webpages such as faculty vitas.

Better data

  1. Much of the valuable information in faculty activity reports is lost because reports cannot be run on Word and PDF documents to provide aggregate data.
  2. In Faculty 180, reports are run on all of the data provided by faculty, with a variety of filters and formats.
  3. Eliminates “shadow” Excel spreadsheets that have to be maintained.
  4. Increases data accuracy since reports are run on the original data.

Will there be training?

Yes, and documentation too.  Look for an email from your associate dean.

When can I start working on my annual activity report?

The annual activity report template will be released in October. 

Does this change the tenure and promotion procedures?

No. Promotion and tenure procedures and criteria are unchanged. Only the way you provide that information is changing.

Does this change the Annual Activity Reporting?

No. The content of the annual activity report will remain the same. Only the way you provide that information is changing.

Can I continue to do my Annual Activity Report the way I always have?

No.  Faculty 180 is the only system for submitting annual activity reports for 2017.

Do I have to enter my entire vita?

No.  You may want to enter the most recent five years for reporting purposes.  Talk with your chair and associate dean about what makes sense for you and your department.

I'm half-way through P&T and all of my materials are in Word. What do I do?

Once implementation is complete, all promotion and tenure evaluations will be done within the Faculty 180 system. During the transition, faculty can use the existing paper process.  Contact your associate dean for specific details.

What is the implementation timeline?

  • January & February 2018
    • All faculty & librarians input annual activities using Faculty 180.
  • February & April 2018
    • Faculty 180 workflow will be used for annual review for non-probationary instructional staff, and tenure-track and continuing track librarians’ 1st & 2nd year review.
    • Existing processes used for annual review of tenure track faculty and continuing contract track librarians in 3rd, 4th, or 5th year, and all promotions.
  • May – December 2018 – timeline finalized for full implementation of promotion & tenure using Faculty 180 workflow

How will this impact program review?

Department chairs will be able to easily and quickly run reports on faculty activity, making it much easier to assemble program review documents.

Will this create more work for me, my chair, or our administrative assistant?

Once it is fully implemented, you will no longer need to maintain separate vita, bio sketches, annual activity reports, and P&T dossiers. Also, there will be no need to maintain separate spreadsheets/databases or to comb through annual activity reports to gather data.

What can I do with Faculty 180?

You can keep track of all of your teaching, scholarship and service, including attaching articles, syllabi and other “supplemental materials.” You can upload attachments in any category as an easy way to store documents. The data in Faculty 180 can also generate faculty web pages, bio sketches, CVs, and reports for accreditation.

Can I customize my CV?

Yes. Also, when you generate a CV, you can save it as a Word document if you want to customize beyond Faculty 180's capabilities.