Course Descriptions and Abbreviations

Foundation courses are listed below according to the area they satisfy (English composition; fine arts, humanities; etc.). Some Foundation courses will appear in two or more Foundation areas. For example, ARC 188 is classified as a course in the fine arts as well as one in the humanities; it appears, then, in Foundation IIA (fine arts) and Foundation IIB (humanities). Students who take such courses may use them to fulfill one Foundation area requirement only.

I, II, III, IV, V: (Refers to Foundation courses outline.) Course fulfills a part of one of the five major Foundation area requirements (for example, I. English Composition).

A, B, or C: (Refers to Foundation courses outline.) Course fulfills a part of a sub-area of one of the Foundation requirements (for example: IIA. Fine Arts; IIB. Humanities; IIC. Social Science).

H: Fulfills the historical perspective requirement.

CUL: Fulfills the cultural perspective requirement.

LAB: (all uppercase letters): Fulfills the laboratory course requirement for the Global Miami Plan.

Note: Other abbreviations and terms are explained in the Registering for Courses and Courses of Instruction chapters.

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