Foundation III. Global Perspectives (6-9 hours)

IIIA. Study Abroad (6 hours)

Six hours of Foundation credit from any Miami-approved Study Abroad program.


IIIB. Global Courses (9 hours minimum)

G-Courses are specially designed to have a global perspective and help students develop the ability to communicate and act respectfully across linguistic and cultural differences.

AAA 201 Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies (3) IIB, IIC, Cul, H

AAA/REL 203 Religions of India (3) IIB, Cul, H

AAA/SOC 207 China and Globalization (3) IIB, Cul

AMS 207 America - A Global Perspective (3) IIB, H

ARC 107 Global Design (3) IIA, Cul

ATH 175 Peoples of the World (3) IIC, Cul

ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (3) IIC, Cul

ATH 405 Food, Taste, and Desire (3) IIC, Cul

BWS 156 Introduction to Africa (4) Cul

EAS 266 Metal on Metal: Engineering and Globalization in Heavy Metal Music (3) V, Cul

ENG 108 U.S. Cultures & Composition for Second-Language Writers (5) Cul

ENG/LAS 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas (3) IIB, Cul

FRE 131 Masterpieces of French Culture in Translation (3) IIB, Cul, H

FRE 202 Critical Analysis of French Culture (3) IIB, Cul

GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity (3) IIC, Cul

GER 232 The Holocaust in German Literature, History, and Film (3) IIB, Cul, H

GER/FST 261 German Film in Global Context (3) IIB, Cul, H

GTY 260 Global Aging (3) Cul

HST 197 World History to 1500 (3) IIB, Cul, H

HST 198 World History Since 1500 (3) IIB, Cul, H

HST 245 Making of Modern Europe, 1450-1750 (3) IIB, Cul, H

HST/LAS 260 Latin America in the United States (3) IIB, H

HST 296 World History Since 1945 (3) IIB, Cul, H

ITS 201 Introduction to International Studies (3) IIC, Cul, H

LAS 208/ATH 206 Latin American Civilization (3) IIC, Cul, H

MUS 185 Diverse Worlds of Music (3) IIA, IIB, Cul, H

MUS 186 Global Music for the I-Pod (3) IIA, IIB, Cul

POR/BWS/FST/LAS/MUS 204 Brazilian Culture Through Popular Music (3) IIB, Cul

POR/BWS/ENG/WGS/FST 383 By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women (3) IIB, Cul

PSY 210 Psychology Across Cultures (3) IIC, Cul

REL/RUS 133 Imagining Russia (3) IIB, Cul, H

REL 186 Global Jewish Civilization (3) IIB, Cul, H

SJS/SOC 487 Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights (3)

SPA/DST 212 Deaf Culture: Global, National and Local Issues (3) IIC, Cul

WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies (3) IIC, Cul

See the Office of Liberal Education website for updates on courses meeting this requirement.


IIIC. Global Clusters (9 hours minimum)

G-Clusters are predesigned groups of courses focused on a particular global issue or theme. Thematic Sequences (see below), G-Clusters only fulfill Foundation requirements; they do not meet Thematic Sequence requirements.

See the Office of Liberal Education website for updates on courses meeting this requirement.

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