King Library: 513-529-4141, 513-529-2800

BEST Library: Laws Hall, 513-529-6886

Amos Music Library: 120 Center for Performing Arts, 513-529-2299

Gardner-Harvey Library:

Middletown campus, 513-727-3221, 513-529-4936

Rentschler Library: Hamilton campus, 513-785-3235

Southwest Ohio Regional Depository:

Middletown campus, 513-727-3474

Wertz Art and Architecture Library: 7 Alumni Hall, 513-529-6638

University Archives: Withrow Court, 513-529-6720

Western College Memorial Archives: Peabody Hall, 513-529-9695

Miami University Libraries, which include four libraries on the Oxford campus and one on each regional campus, have many services and facilities of interest to graduate students. Each library specializes in specific academic fields of study, so you can find a place where you can research, study, meet with students and colleagues or talk with a librarian who specializes in your area of study.

Extended hours, including the 24-hour King Library, allow students to get the information they need any time of day. Our facilities offer wireless Internet access, laptop computer checkout, a reading room specifically for graduate students, a coffee shop and much more!

You can access over 4million books, 156,000 maps, and tens of thousands of sound recordings, periodicals, videos, and DVDs many that can be accessed online without having to leave your home or office.

Research help is available via email, chat, instant messaging or by just dropping in.

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