Awards, Scholarships, and Prizes

These are presented to outstanding students who earn special recognition. Contact the department or organization for current information.


Albers Accountancy Scholarship to undergraduate minority students

Andersen Alumni Accounting Scholarship to seniors and graduate students

Battelle & Battelle Scholarship to undergraduate students

Arthur H. Carter Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students

Dr. Gyan Chandra Memorial Scholarship to an undergraduate accountancy student

Crowe Horwath Scholarship to an undergraduate accountancy student

Deloitte & Touche Donald M. Lutz Memorial Scholarship to a junior

Deloitte & Touche Maureen R. Mushat Memorial Scholarship to a junior

Ernst & Young Accountancy Scholarship for minority students

Ernst & Young Accountancy Scholarship to undergraduate students

Ernst & Young Master of Accountancy Scholarship to graduate students

Rolland L. Ewell Accountancy Scholarship to graduate students

Grant Thornton LLP Accountancy Scholarship to a junior

Harold W. Jasper Scholarship to a graduate student

KPMG Accountancy Scholarship to graduate students

Daniel Leshner Beta Alpha Psi Award to an outstanding Beta Alpha Psi member

Harry C. Lyle Scholarship to an accountancy major

Marathon Oil Scholarship to undergraduate students

Ogden Excellence in Accounting Award to a junior

Joseph B. and Esther K. Paperman Memorial Scholarship to a senior

PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountancy Scholarship to a junior, seniors, a minority student, and a graduate student

PricewaterhouseCoopers Kelly Booms Memorial Scholarship to seniors

Protiviti Scholarship in Accounting to a sophomore

Rankin Accountancy Scholarship to a graduate student

William H. Schaefer Scholarship to a graduate student

C. Roger Stegmaier Accountancy Award to an undergraduate student

William D. Stiles/Deloitte & Touche Memorial Scholarship to junior, senior, and graduate students

William R. and Irene R. Vogel Memorial Scholarship to a graduate student

E. Ben Yager Scholarship to an undergraduate student


Rebecca Jeanne Andrew Memorial Award

Carol E. Kist Student Award


The Alpha Rho Chi Medal

The American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal

The American Institute of Architects Certificate of Merit

The Department of Architecture Scholastic Achievement Award

Barcus Technology Scholarship

Mildred Zurbrick Bishop Scholarship

Sterling Cook Scholarship Award

Fanning and Howey Presidential Scholarship

Rudolph Frankel Memorial Award

Sanford B. Friedman Scholarship

The Howard E. Gartner Architecture Scholarship

Herb Hodgman Scholarship

Warren & Nancy Howard Memorial Scholarship

Frank N. Meilan Memorial Scholarship

The Walter C. Pfeiffer Architecture Scholarship

Potter/Maxfield/Wertz Architectural Design Award

Richard H. and Leila Hentzen Smith Scholarship

URS Consultants Scholarship

Fred C. Whitcomb Scholarship in Interior Design

Charles E. and Elizabeth C. Stousland

John Weigand Founder's Scholarship in Interior Design

Joseph P. Veasey Award

Northwest Ohio Scholarship


Gertrude Davidson Brill Art Scholarship

Button Gallery Art Award

Nancy Francis Cady Art Scholarship

Ceramics Award

Clive F. Getty Art History Scholarship

Edna Kelly Scholarship

Sterling Cook Scholarship Award

Arthur B. Damon Art Scholarship

Department of Art Scholarship

Walter Gross III Art Scholarship

Frances Hanson Christian Scholarship

Barbara Hershey Memorial Scholarship (photography)

Marston D. Hodgin Art Scholarship

George R. And Galen Glasgow Hoxie Scholarship (alternates with music)

Vincent Inconiglios Art Scholarship

Jim Killy Art Scholarship

Sinisa Lenac Graduate Studio Award

Miami University Scholarship

National Woodcarvers Association Scholarship

Fred & Molly Pye Memorial Scholarship

Mary M. Quay Scholarship

The Tara Savage Art Supplement Award

Richard H. and Leila Hentzen Smith Scholarship

Western College Art Scholarship

Robert Wolfe Printmaker’s Award


William C. and Virginia Beck Scholarship to freshman majors that are Talawanda High School graduates

William C. and Virginia Beck Scholarship to junior or senior majors in environmental science

Arthur and Anna Evans Scholarship

Bruce Fink Scholarship to upper-class majors

Wallace J. Hagedorn Scholarship to undergraduate majors demonstrating both academic merit and financial need

Charley Harper Scholarship to biological science majors demonstrating talent (interest) in the arts

Charles Heimsch Graduate Award in Botany

Kimberly Lohmeier Ingersoll Scholarship to junior women majors

Marcia E. Buck Roll Scholarships to undergraduates

J. Fisher and Margaret Stanfield Scholarship to upper-class majors

William E. Wilson Award to majors

Business Technology

Angus Family Scholarship

Business Technology Advisory Board Scholarship

A. Alberta Holden Memorial Scholarship

Verna Sommer Memorial Scholarship

Theodore & Kathleen Light Scholarship

Chemical and Paper Engineering

ABB First Endowed Scholarship

ABB Second Endowed Scholarship

Mark A. Akers/Crystal Tissue Endowed Scholarship

Alumni Endowed Scholarship Award

Appleton Endowed Scholarship

William Beckett Endowed Scholarship

Beloit Corporation Endowed Scholarship

C. E. Brandon Endowed Scholarship

Philip S. and Virginia E. Cade Memorial Scholarship

Champion International Endowed Scholarship

Consolidated Papers Foundation Inc. Endowed Scholarship 1996

Consolidated Papers Foundation Inc. Endowed Scholarship 1998

William J. Copeland Endowed Scholarship

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 1995

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 1996

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 1997

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 1998

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 1999

Georgia-Pacific Endowed Scholarship 2004

William O. Gutzwiller Endowed Scholarship

Hercules Incorporated Endowed Scholarship

Honeywell Corporation Endowed Scholarship

International Paper Company Endowed Scholarship

International Paper Company 2003 Endowed Scholarship

Charlene C. and George T. Jewett Endowed Scholarship

Kemira Chemicals Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Clemie McKinney Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mead Westvaco Corporation Scholarship

Miami Valley PIMA Endowed Scholarship

Nalco Chemical Company Endowed Scholarship

Newark Group Endowed Scholarship

Newpage Corp. Endowed Scholarship

Ohio TAPPI Endowed Scholarship

Ohio TAPPI Leadership Endowed Scholarship

OMNOVA Solutions Inc. Endowed Scholarships

PCA–Tomahawk Mill Endowed Scholarship

Penford Products Endowed Scholarship

Pratt Industries Endowed Scholarship

Wyman C. Rutledge/Mead Corporation Endowed Scholarship

Simpson Paper Endowed Scholarship

Smurfit Stone Container Corp. Endowed Scholarship

Specialty Minerals Inc. Endowed Scholarship

TAPPI Paper Chase Endowed Scholarship

TEXO/Louis LernerEndowed Scholarship

Tenneco Packaging Endowed Scholarship

Tenneco Packaging–Tomahawk Mill Endowed Scholarship

Stanley and Ruth Trosset Endowed Scholarship

Union Camp Corporation Endowed Scholarship

Voith Paper Technology Endowed Scholarship

Weyerhaeuser Company Endowed Scholarship 1991

Weyerhaeuser Company Endowed Scholarship 1995

Weyerhaeuser Company Endowed Scholarship 2005

Bob and Barbara Williams Leadership Endowed Scholarship

xpedx Award

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Harvey Clayton Brill Scholarship

John H. Buckingham Scholarships

William Hale Charch Scholarship

Chemistry Department Graduate Fellowship

Class of 1996 Chemistry Scholarship

J.A. Coulter Scholarship

Joseph A. Culler Chemistry Scholarship

R. Thomas Davidson Graduate Award in Chemistry

Gervaise O. Frost Memorial Award

Elmer G. Gerwe Chemistry Scholarship

Walter and Catherine Gordon Chemistry Fund

David Hershey Memorial Scholarship

Lester E. Imboden MD & I. Nadean Imboden Scholarship Fund

James Hershberger Memorial Undergraduate Research Award

Anastas Karipides Memorial Scholarship

Lubrizol Chemistry Scholarships

Raymond and Vonna McBride Scholarships

J. Earl Pruden Scholarship

William Hartmann Schwarz Scholarship

Parke G. and Dorothy M. Smith Scholarship

Robert A. Stalzer Memorial Scholarship

Clyde E. and Alice W. Stiner Scholarship

Malcolm E. Switzer, M.D., Award

Robert W. and K. Ursula Votaw Scholarship

E. O. and B. V. Weidner Chemistry Scholarship


Bishop Prize in Latin, in honor of Robert H. Bishop II, by alumni

Bishop-Elliott Prize in Classical Humanities, in memory of Robert H. Bishop II, class of 1831, and Professor Charles Elliott

Elliott Prize in Greek, in memory of Professor Charles Elliott, by John B. Smith, class of 1858

Henry Montgomery Classics Scholarship

Henry Montgomery Travel Award

Marilyn Wade-Duff Scholarship

Computer and Information Technology

Carl Bishop Information Technology Scholarship

Thatcher Computer and Information Technology Scholarship

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Accenture Scholarship

ACM Outstanding Student Award to a senior, by Miami chapter, Association for Computing Machinery

Darrel and Wilma Grothen Scholarship

Ronald and Mary Ann Kral Scholarship

Eli Lilly Scholarship

Lawrence J. Prince Memorial to a junior

Procter & Gamble Scholarships


Award in Macroeconomics to a senior major with a strong interest in macro/monetary economics

Gerald E. Flueckiger Award to a senior economics major with a strong interest in microeconomics

William McKinstry Award to a senior majoring in business economics

James E. Rees Memorial Scholarship Award to an undergraduate major who demonstrates need, leadership traits, initiative, and academic performance

Delbert A. Snider Award to a graduating senior in international economics

The George W. Thatcher Prize for Undergraduate Excellence in Economics to a senior economics major

Paul M. Vail Award to a senior economics major


The Robert Almy Awards in Critical Interpretation

Terry and Chris Baehr English Scholarship

Daniel and Margaret Bookwalter Sophomore Prizes in English, by William G. and Margaret Bookwalter Pickrel, classes of ’10 and ’11

The Nevin Clark Family Fund for the Capstone in English

Composition Awards:

Relfective Analysis Award

Reflective Narrative Award

Literary Analysis Award

International Student Award (for essays written in ENG 108 or ENG 109)

Digital/Multimedia Composition Award (Sponsored by Bedford St. Martins)

Reflective Portfolio Award

Craver-Overton Scholarship

Dean’s Scholarships to graduate assistants and associates whose records promise achievement in literary studies

Clara Vance Fixmer Scholarship (award alternates between Theatre and English departments)

Carl R. Greer-Andrew D. Hepburn Senior Awards, in honor of Dr. Hepburn, bequest of Carl R. Greer, class of ’94

Walter Havighurst Literary Prize

Carolyn W. Houtchens Scholarship, in honor of the first woman professor in the department, to a scholar and researcher in the first year of M.A. program in literature

Robert Kettler Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey D. Keiner Scholarship for Study Abroad and Academic Enrichment

Bill Moeller Scholarship

Edward J. Montaine Jr. Awards in English, in honor of Mr. Montaine, class of ’42, bequest of Carl R. Greer, class of ’94

Outstanding Teacher Award to graduate assistants and associates

The Spiro Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Mary Jo Priest Awards for Professional Writing

Malcolm Sedam Writing Award, Middletown campus

Sinclair Award in Creative Writing to the most promising new graduate student in the creative writing program

Sinclair Fellowships to graduate assistants and associates whose records promise achievement in literary studies

Gordon D. and Mary S. Wilson Awards for best graduate paper presented at a conference during the year and best published creative work

Gordon D. and Mary S. Wilson Scholarship

Family Studies and Social Work

Family Studies and Social Work Graduate Student Research Alumni Awards

Annitta Klipple Prize

Jane and Dessie Rees Graduate Student Award

Elizabeth Caughey Stegmaier Scholarship

Waldhauer Family Studies Scholarship

Fred Whitcomb Graduate Scholarship


Avery Dennison Finance Scholarship to an undergraduate finance major

J. Belden Dennison Award for scholastic achievement, by the department

Jeanette V. and George W. Olson Memorial Award to a junior major for personal character, interest, financial need, and enthusiasm in finance, cash award in junior year or for use in senior year

Joseph C. Pillion Memorial Scholarship to a junior major planning a career in insurance, for use in senior year

The School of Creative Arts

The School of Creative Arts Divisional Scholarship

Walter L. Gross Jr. Family Fine Arts Scholarship


Edgar Ewing Brandon Senior Prize in French

The Naomi Miller Cox Memorial Outstanding French Student Prize

The Charlotte Meyer Crawford Junior Scholarship

L.P. Irvin Award for Overseas Study

The W. Marion Miller Alumni Scholarship

The Cynthia Robinson First Memorial Scholarship

Laurence Harvey Skinner Junior Prize in French


Henry M. Kendall Award to an outstanding junior major

Richard G. Lieberman Memorial Award to an outstanding senior

Geology & Environmental Earth Science

Jack M. Brownstein to a student attending the Geology Field Station based on merit and financial need.

Geology Graduate Student Professional Travel Fund awards support graduate student travel to professional meetings

Wayne D. Martin Field Fund, awards for field travel and field research

David L. Morrow Geology Field Study Fund to a student attending the Geology Field Station, based on financial need

Rocky Mountain Petroleum Geology Research Fund awards support student field-based research/studies in Rocky Mountain region

Wells Scholarship to a student enrolled in GLG 411, for academic performance and need


Mary Eleanor Brandon Lincoln Essay Award

A. Dane Ellis Scholarship

Fred Joyner History Scholarship

Boyd & Carol Shafer Scholarship

James Watson and Lois George McDonald Scholarship

Information Systems and Analytics

Academic Excellence certificates to an analytics minor and an information systems minor

Donald L. and Jane Dawley Management Information Systems Scholarship to one or more ISA majors

Roy Sandquist Family Department of Information Systems and Analytics Awards to the outstanding senior major


Amira Akrabawi Giesecke Scholarship

Peter N. Pedroni Summer Language Institute in Italy Fund

Joseph A. Russo Scholarship


Emily Cordes Memorial Scholarship

The Michael Kelly Prize in Journalism

Lawler-Galeese Scholarship

Memorial Tournament Journalism Scholarship

Timothy J. Rogers Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Kinesiology and Health

Victoria L. Eby Memmel Scholarship to a KNH major from Southwest Ohio who demonstrates academic merit and qualified financial need.

Marjorie Hayes Sport Studies Scholarship to a junior or senior sport studies major with a minimum 3.0 GPA Award recipient selected by sport studies faculty.

Bonnie Pickering Memorial Scholarship to a dietetics major who demonstrates academic merit and qualified financial need.

Virginia Guinn Pierson Memorial Award to a dietetics major based on academic merit and university and community service.

Maxine J. Schurtz Scholarship to a female KNH student.

WRA-Margaret Phillips Grant to two upper-class female KNH majors with qualified financial need in their sophomore, junior, or first semester senior year with a minimum 3.0 GPA and involvement in campus activities.


Academic Achievement in Management and Leadership Award to a senior

Academic Achievement in Supply Chain and Operations Management Award to a senior

Frederick Puff Scholarship to a junior

Harold F. Puff Award to a senior


American Marketing Association Marketing Student of the Year Award to a major, a certificate given by Cincinnati and Dayton chapters

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Mathematics and Statistics

J. Paul & John P. Albert Scholarship

Alumni Senior Prize

Zoltan Balogh Memorial Award in mathematics

Osmond Barton Prize in Mathematics

Robert F. and Mary Sexauer Beyerly Memorial Scholarship

The Halbert C. Christofferson Mathematics Education Awards

Cincinnati Chapter of the American Statistical Association Comer-Reynolds Memorial Awards in statistics

Eric Erickson Scholarship

Faculty Prize

Mary Jeanette and Clifford Harvey Scholarship

Koehler Prizes

Kenneth Last Scholarship

Frederick A. Luecker Scholarship

McFarland Prize in Mathematics

Ohio National Scholarship

Patterson Prizes

Pi Mu Epsilon Awards

Byron Smith Mathematics Award

Corwin Smith Prizes in Mathematics

Western and Southern Scholarship Journal Award

Alberta L. Wolfe Fellowship

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Robin A. David Award to a student for outstanding service in department laboratories.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department Scholarship Award to an outstanding junior

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department Service Award to one student each semester

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships to freshmen

Ken Shinn/SAE Engineering Scholarship to a freshman


Dr. and Mrs. J.K. Bhattacharjee Microbiology Scholarship to an undergraduate

Donald C. Cox Awards for excellence in graduate studies

Lawrence Day Award to a junior

Fisher Award to an outstanding undergraduate research proposal

Edward Kezur Scholarship to an upper-class pre-med student majoring in chemistry, microbiology, or zoology, $1,000 scholarship

Susan W. Rockwood Memorial Scholarship Award to a female graduate student

Orton K. Stark Awards to a senior and a graduate student, plaques and cash awards

Orton K. Stark Awards to a first-year student, a sophomore, and a junior


Alice Mattmueller Alexander Memorial Voice Award

Alumni Music Award

George Barron Music Scholarship

Jeffrey J. Blank Scholarship

Nina J. Boyd Music Education Scholarship

Dr. Richard Cambridge Memorial Scholarship

Campus Owls Scholarship

Frances Cole Memorial Scholarship

Louise Glasgow and Eric E. Erickson Piano Scholarship

Cynthia Boeke Fisher Memorial Award

Pamela Fox Music History Award

Friends of Opera Award

Virginia Pierce Glick Music Education Scholarship

Darrell and Wilma Grothen Music Scholarship

The L. Eugene Hill Composition Prize

George R. and Galen Glasgow Hoxie Scholarship (alternates with art)

Jean Hartsock-Palmer Scholarship

Christopher B. Huff Memorial Award

Andrew Hummel Memorial Scholarship

Alberta Lutz Ittel Music Education Scholarship

Lacey/Strimple Highland Band and Drum Scholarship

Lois D. Lehmkuhl Owl Award

NFMC Herman and Mary Neuman Music Award

Ohio Music Teachers Association Scholarship

Piano Academic and Musical Achievement Award

Pam Eileen Poccia Award

Elizabeth Potteiger Cello Award

Presser Foundation Scholarship

Kapra MeridethQuain Memorial Scholarship

Nina Palmer Quay Memorial Scholarship

Mary Evans Rees Memorial Scholarship

Richard L. Schilling Music Education Scholarship

Dona Clare Sheley Presidential Scholarship

Steven Shumway String Scholarship

Richard A. Steuk Music Award

Clyde E. And Alice W. Stiner Scholarship

Jane Scott Hayes Telfair Music Education Scholarship

Tom & Carol Tierney Piano Award

Barbara J. Tuttle Memorial Scholarship

Walt & Marcia Wood Scholarship


Ruth Ann Busald Nursing Awards to graduating A.D.N. and B.S.N. students

Carl and Katherine Densford Dreves Scholarships to A.D.N. or B.S.N students

Vera Combs Iber M.D. Scholarship to a Hamilton campus first-year A.D.N. student

Marion L. Kagler and Kim Kagler Carroll Award to a Hamilton campus A.D.N. or B.S.N. student

Jessie Myers-Eeles Scholarships to A.D.N. or B.S.N. students


Hall Prize in Philosophy for best essay in philosophy

Linda Singer Scholarship to a junior or senior philosophy major


George and Carolyn Arfken Scholarship

Andrew Wolf Bylenga Scholarship

John E. Cocanougher Scholarship

Joseph A. Culler Prizes in Physics for excellence in first- and second-year physics; bequest of Dr. Culler

Drake Family Scholarship

R. L. Edwards Scholarship

Carl and Harriet Frische Scholarships to entering students

Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Benjamin Lee Memorial Scholarship

Philip A. and Cora G. Macklin Scholarship

William E. Shoupp Memorial Scholarship

John and Genny Snider Scholarship

Society of Physics Students Award to a senior, a science book

Robert W. and K. Ursula Votaw Presidential Scholarship

Political Science

Atlee Pomerene Prize

Gary Best Memorial Scholarship

The Engel Prizes in Political Science

Sara C. Glosik Scholarship

Irma Karmol Memorial Scholarship

David Koschik and Izumi Hara Student Enrichment Fund

Robert "Ron" Hall Undergraduate Student Enrichment Fund for the Study of U.S. Civil Liberties

The Ernst G. Siefert Capstone in Political Science

Howard White Awards in Government

David S. McLellan Award

Kathleen Maher Zouhary Undergraduate Research Award


The Elizabeth Burckhardt Capstone in Psychology

Patrick J. Capretta Memorial Scholarship, by alumni and friends

Clark Crannell Undergraduate Research Award, by alumni and friends

E. F. Patten Senior Prize in Psychology, by alumni and friends

Rich/Ivens Scholarship (alternates with sociology)

ROTC Awards, Air Force

AFROTC sponsored awards: AFROTC Valor Award, AFROTC Field Training awards (Distinguished Graduate Award, Superior Performer Award, "Ironman" Award, Warrior Spirit Award), AFROTC Achievement Award, AFROTC Commendation Award, Academic Honors Award, College Scholarship Recipient Ribbon, Physical Fitness Award, Recruiting Award, AFROTC Expert Marksmanship Award.

Arnold Air Society Awards: Arnold Air Society ribbon, Eagle Trophy ribbon, Hagan Trophy ribbon, LBJ Cup ribbon

Awards from patriotic and aerospace organizations: Air Force Association Award, Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Award, American Legion Award, American Veterans Award, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award, Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Military Order of the Purple Heart Award, Military Order of the World Wars Medal, National Defense Industrial Association Award, National Defense Transportation Award, National Sojourners Award, Reserve Officers Association Award, Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction Award, Society of American Military Engineers Award, Society of the War of 1812 Award, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Veterans of Foreign Wars Award.

Other awards: Air Force Historical Foundation Award, Armed Forces Insurance Scholarship Award, Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association AFROTC Scholarship, Col. Pat R. Paxton Memorial Award, First Command Educational Foundation Scholarship Award, Guy Pulliam Leadership Award, Lt. Col. Grissom Memorial Award, Lt. Col. Jay Smith Memorial Scholarship Award, Melissa Massaro Memorial Award, Order of Daedalians AFROTC Scholarship, United Services Automobile Association Scholarship Award, Wells Fargo Worldwide Bank Scholarship Award

ROTC Awards, Navy and Marine Corps

American Legion Academic Excellence Awards to a senior, junior, and freshman with the highest academic averages

American Legion Military Excellence Awards to a senior, junior, and sophomore with the highest military aptitude averages

American Veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam ROTC Award to a senior who demonstrates diligence and willingness to serve the U.S.

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Award to a junior midshipman who demonstrates the greatest academic achievement in a scientific field of study

Captain Frederick Brower Honorary Award to a top Marine-option graduate, a Marine officer's sword and $500.

Burke Distinguished Senior Award, in memory of Jane Doubet Burke, to a graduating woman midshipman who demonstrates most outstand- ing potential for commissioned service, an officer’s sword or $500

Burke Distinguished Student Award, in memory of Jane Doubet Burke, to a woman junior, sophomore, or freshman student who demonstrates highest qualities of scholarship, leadership, and devotion to duty, $1,000 scholarship

Bruce W. Card Memorial Award to a Marine Corps-option student who has distinguished himself/herself on summer bulldog training

Cincinnati Navy League Award, in honor of Senator Robert A. Taft Jr., to a senior chosen as the overall outstanding Navy-option midshipman, a Naval officer’s sword

Cincinnati Navy League Remembering Jack Schiff Award to the outstanding college program graduate

Daughters of Founders and Patriots Award to a sophomore student who shows most improvement in the physical fitness test during current academic year

Daughters of the American Revolution Award to a senior who exhibits excellent dependability, good character, and leadership qualities

Dayton Navy League Award to the student chosen as the overall outstanding underclass midshipman, $100 savings bond

Cdr. Theodore J. Ehlers Memorial Award to a Navy-option senior who demonstrates superior performance and motivation toward a career as a surface warfare officer, a Naval officer’s sword

James Clifford Garland Honorary Scholarship to the outstanding member of the junior class

Lt. Howard K. Kelly Memorial Award to a senior midshipman who has distinguished himself/herself by involvement and accomplishment in campus life and scholastic achievement, a Naval officer’s sword

Marine Corps Association Award to a Marine-option graduating senior with the highest academic and aptitude average

Military Order of the World Wars Award to a freshman, sophomore, and junior midshipman for outstanding service to ROTC

National Defense Industrial Association Award to a senior midshipman who displays outstanding academic, leadership, and athletic performance

National Defense Transportation Award to a senior midshipman for outstanding professional aptitude and academic achievement in transportation or business

National Sojourners Award to a sophomore in the top of his or her academic class who exhibits high ideals of Americanism and leadership potential

Naval Submarine League Outstanding Achievement Award to midshipmen with proven academic and leadership skills who have been selected to enter the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program as submarine officers

Ohio Reserve Officers Association Awards to a senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman for excellence in academic and military pursuits

Outstanding Navy Graduate Award to a top Navy-option graduate, a Naval officer's sword.

Reserve Officer’s Association Ladies Award to a graduating midshipman for outstanding performance

The Retired Officer’s Association Awards to a junior who shows skill in navigation and to a Marine-option student who demonstrates academic and leadership qualities that best exemplify a Marine officer

Secretary of the Navy Distinguished Midshipman Graduate Award to a graduating midshipman who demonstrates the highest standards of leadership, academic, and military performance

The Society of the War of 1812 Award to a sophomore midshipman for academic and military excellence and for demonstrating ideals of Americanism

Sons of the American Revolution Awards to a senior and freshman for outstanding naval or marine aptitude

The USAA Spirit Award to the student who best embodies the esprit de corps of the unit

Capt. Michael M. Vagedes Memorial Award to a senior Marine-option midshipman possessing the most potential for service as an officer, a Marine officer’s sword

Veterans of Foreign Wars Awards to senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman midshipman for academic and military excellence


Betty Kent Scholarship

Rich/Ivens Scholarship (alternates with psychology)


Glenn A. Barr Scholarship in Spanish

L.P. Irvin Essay Prize in Spanish

Willis Knapp Jones Memorial Scholarship

Robert K. Newman Award for Excellence in Spanish

Elizabeth S. Rogers Scholarship

Timothy J. Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Teacher Education

Note: Contact the Department of Teacher Education at 513-529-6443 or go to 401 McGuffey for information about scholarships and awards available to students in teacher education programs.


Homer N. Abegglen Theatre Scholarship

Homer and Henrietta Abegglen Theatre Scholarship

Biz and Bob Campbell Theatre Scholarship

Bill Cosby Scholarship for the Performing Arts

Sherry DarlingTheatre Award

Clara Vance Fixmer Scholarship (with journalism)

David Gallagher Playwriting Award

Loren Gates Memorial Theatre Scholarship

Hurst Family Scholarship for Theatre

Ronald C. Kern Scholarship in Theatre

Emmanuel Kladitis Theatre Scholarship

Mollie Weller Memorial Award

Willa S. Yeck Scholarship

Women’s Studies

The Mina Burckhardt Capstone in Women’s Studies

Barbara E. Nicholson Prize

Women's Studies Essay Prize

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