Basic Personal Computer Proficiency

Incoming students are expected to demonstrate a minimum proficiency with the use of a personal computer and basic software programs. These minimum proficiencies include:

  1. the ability to use the Internet to find and retrieve information including: locating an Internet site given a URL; navigating between information sources; doing basic searches using a major Internet search service; and submitting information via on-line forms.
  2. the ability to use electronic mail as a form of communication including: sending an e-mail when given an e-mail address; responding to an e-mail; sending e-mail to a group of individuals; and sending and receiving attachments as part of an e-mail.
  3. the ability to use a word processing program to create and edit documents including: creating a new document; editing an existing document; changing the format of text; and changing margins, page orientation, and other elements of page layout.
  4. the ability to use an operating system including copying or moving a file to or from removable media; finding files or folders on a local hard drive; and creating a sub-directory (folder).

Students who have not acquired these skills prior to entering the university will be provided with training opportunities during their first semester.

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