BIO 4 Plant Structure and Development.

In order to appreciate the unique role that plants play in the world's ecosystems, it is important to understand plant structure and development. This sequence allows students to consider plants from the molecular and cellular level to the tissue and organ level. It illustrates how evolutionary forces have resulted in exquisite adaptations in plant form and function.

1. BIO/MBI 116 Biological Concepts: Structure, Function (4) (MPF), or
BIO 191 General Botany (4) (MPF); and

2. BIO 203 Introduction to Cell Biology (3); and

3. BIO 314 Plant and Fungal Diversity (3), or
BIO 402 Plant Anatomy (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Biology. Majors in the Department of Microbiology must select a course outside the department of major at the first level.

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