Child Studies Minor

(20 semester hours)

This minor prepares students to work with children from birth to age 18. Courses focus on growth and development, parent-child relationships, and techniques for working with children and adolescents. This program is of special interest to those majoring in education, social sciences, speech pathology, or social work. No courses may be taken credit\credit No. Students planning to take this minor should consult with the chief departmental adviser. This minor open to all students, except Family Studies major, includes Thematic Sequence FSW 4 Children in Families.

Program Requirements

All of these:

EDP 256 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner (3)

FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle (3) or

FSW/SOC 363 Sociology of Families (3)

FSW 281 Child Development in Diverse Families (4)

FSW 381 Parent-Child Relations in Diverse Families (3)

FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families (3)

FSW 494 Internship with Families and Children (3)

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