EDP 488/588 Education, Educational Practice and Reform in China (3)

This course is designed for both US students and international students. The goal of this course is to help students gain international experiences and perspectives on culture, education, and related issues. Students will travel to and visit schools in China, and sit in on lectures from selected Chinese professors. The current educational system and standards of different age groups will be introduced. The educational practice in meeting these standards will be observed in Chinese schools and through interviews and discussions with teachers and school administrators. Cultures in different regions within China will also be observed. The diversity within classrooms will be observed and discussions will be held about the challenges facing teachers with multicultural classrooms. These observations will also be compared with that of the US in order to gain new perspectives and to better serve students in the United States. Additional small group meetings and informal interviews with teachers, students, and parents will be conducted to increase understanding of the observations and lectures.

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