EDP 687 Chinese Education through Culture, Customs, History, and Development (3)

This course is designed for students to gain basic knowledge about the history and cultures of China. The goal of this workshop is to help students gain international experiences and global perspectives on history (the past, present, and future) of China, the culture, and any related issues in order to build and enhance student’s ability to work successfully in a global setting. Students will be paired with Chinese students from two universities in a large city and a small or medium sized city, respectively. Students may travel and visit different types of organizations, historical and cultural sites, as well as Chinese families in China. Travels will either be completed in actuality or virtually through the internet and other technological sources. Students will also attend lectures from carefully selected company executives and professors in both US and China if actually traveling to China. Small group meetings and informal interviews during the travel in China will be conducted to enhance student’s understanding of the observations and the lectures.

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