EDP 689 SPSS Series II (3)

The goal of this course series is to prepare students with enough working knowledge to use SPSS Statistical Software to conduct research analyses for their graduate research projects, theses, and dissertations. This is a more sophisticated course dealing with more complicated, inferential statistics including conducting basic and more difficult inferential statistical analyses, basic and more difficult inferential statistic output file reading, conducing simple path analyses and creating and examining structural relation models using AMOS. Students will learn the materials and practice in a computer lab and review as well as practice on-line for a week before coming back to the computer lab for the summary and questions and answers section for each one-hour workshop in this series. Students will take web-based tests, and to conduct a major project and a few minor projects. Students will post their projects on the web site for the corresponding section. Each student is also required to review other students’ projects and provide on-line comments and feedback to at least two other students’ projects.

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