EDT 461/561 Grant Writing Skills and Methods (3)

This graduate and permission only senior level course offering will introduce approved seniors and graduate students to systemic methods for reviewing "Requests for Funding Proposals" (RFP), creating pre-writing documents to support creating a grant application, and applying collaborative methods for writing quality grant applications to foundation, federal, state and community funding sources. Web-based sources for grant funding will be introduced. The course will introduce a 4 stage/32step process for analyzing complicated Requests for Funding Proposals (RFPs), supporting the grant application writing process and applying for funding. The course will include many recommendations for technology-supported grant application development and the final grant editing process. Novice and more experienced grant writers may work in writing teams to create and submit real grant applications on behalf of existing organizations, agencies, school districts or individual initiatives. This course will be offered as a two week, blended learning experience with face-to face introductory and closing sessions. The remainder of the course will be organized in four, graded, online modules.

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