EDT 474E Classroom Management & Student Guidance in Early Childhood (3)

This is a course for early childhood educators that integrates the ways in which children learn and develop with the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions teachers need in order to organize and manage the classroom context, guide student behavior, and promote effective relationships with students, families, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Topics examined in the course include: developmentally appropriate media, materials, and practices; classroom organization and management; student guidance; self-awareness; leadership of the classroom as social context; and contemporary issues in public education.

Prerequisites: EDT 272E, 246E, 315E and EDP 256E. Concurrent courses: EDT 317E, 417E, 346E and 442E, part of ECE content block 2012-13. Beginning 2013-14, this course will be part of Block #2 and the prerequisite will be successful completion of Block #1.

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