ENG 131/132/133 Life and Thought in English Literature (3, 3, 3) (131) MPF

Selected major texts and issues in English literature and culture from the beginning to 1660, including The Civil War and Paradise Lost, with attention to historical context reflected in religious, philosophical, political, and social perspectives and issues such as gender, class, ethnicity, and canon formation; (MPT 132) British literature from 1660 to 1901, with attention to issues of class, race, and gender in the context of accelerating economic, social, environmental, political, and religious change; to developments in education, psychology, philosophy, science, and technology; and to relations with other literatures and arts; (MPT 133) selected British fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama from 1901 to present with special attention to the impact on literary imagination of two global conflicts and loss of Empire. IIB, H. CAS-B.

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