Family Studies- Bachelor of Science in Family Studies

This program explores the diversity of family systems and their members (e.g. cultural and socioeconomic contexts) across the life span. Courses focus on couple, marital, parental, and other family relationships. Some of the topics addressed are singlehood, decision making in couple relationships, gender roles, communication, marital satisfaction, divorce, remarriage, widowhood, intergenerational relationships, stress, violence, policy, family life education, family support agendas, family poverty, human sexuality education, and family strengths.

A graduate degree is needed to become a licensed counselor or therapist, or go into social service agency management and policy-making.

Program requirements:

Required core courses (33 hours)

All of these:

FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle (3) (IIC, MPF, MPT) or

FSW/SOC 363 Sociology of Families (3)

FSW 281 Child Development in Diverse Families (4) MPT

FSW/KNH 295 Research and Evaluation Methods (4)

FSW/WGS 361 Couple Relationships: Diversity and Change (3)

FSW 381 Parent-Child Relations in Diverse Families (3) MPT

FSW/GTY 466 Later Life Families (3) MPT

FSW 475 Family Theories (3)

FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families (3) MPT

FSW 494 Internship with Families and Children (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4) (MPF IV)

Electives: (choose 12hours from the following, 6 hours must be taken at the 400-level)

FSW 201 Introduction to Social Work (3)

FSW 206 Social Welfare: Impact on Diverse Groups (4) (MPF IIC)

FSW 309 Social Welfare Policy II (3)

FSW 312 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)

FSW/BWS/SOC 362 Family Poverty (3)

FSW 365 Family Life Sexuality Education Across Cultures (3) MPT or

FSW/SOC/WGS 221 Human Sexuality (3)

FSW 377 Independent Studies (1-5)

FSW 418 The Family Life Education Process (3)

FSW 451 Family Violence (3)

FSW 462 Family Policy and Law (3) MPC

FSW 465 Child Maltreatment (2)

FSW 477 Independent Studies (1-5)

FSW 485 Social Work in a Diverse World (3)

FSW 490 Professional Issues in Family Science (3)

FSW 491 Seminar in Family Studies and Social Work (1-4)

FSW 492 Families in Global Context (4)

FSW 493 Qualitative Methods in Family Research (3)

FSW 495 Advanced Survey of Family Science (3)

FSW 498 Critical Thinking About Family Relationships (4) MPC

KNH 207 Serving and Supporting Children, Youth, and Families I (4)

KNH 208 Serving and Supporting Children, Youth, and Families II (5)

Required Related Courses:

Outside Electives: (21 hours) Choose at least 1 course from each grouping (Approved minors and double majors outside FSW can count for these electives). Contact the department for more information.

Cultural Diversity

AMS/REL 241 Religions of the American Peoples (4)

ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (3) (MPF IIC)

BWS 151 Introduction to Black World Studies (4) (MPF, IIC)

BWS/SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

COM/FSW 281 Mediated Sexualities: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered Persons and the Electronic Media (3) (MPF, IIB)

COM 436 Intercultural Communication (3)

DST/ENG 169 Disability Identity (3)

EDP/DST/SOC 272 Introduction to Disability Studies (3)

HST/LAS 260 Latin America in the United States (3) (IIB, IIIB, MPF)

IDS 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity (3)

WGS 301 Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality (3)

Social Contexts

AMS/HST/WGS 382 Women in American History (3)

AMS/HST 392 Sex and Gender in American Culture (3)

COM 135 Introduction to Public Expression and Critical Inquiry (3)

COM 136 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (3) (MPF, IIC)

COM 231 Small Group Communication (3)

EDL 334 Youth Subcultures, Popular Culture, and the Non-Formal Education (3)

PHL 103 Society and the Individual (3) (IIB, MPF)

PHL 105 Theories of Human Nature (3) (IIB, MPF)

REL 102 Religion and Modern Culture (3) (IIB, MPF)

REL 103 Themes in the History of Religion (3) (IIB, MPF)

SOC 151 Social Relations (4) (IIC, MPF) or

SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (3) MPF

WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies (3) IIC, MPF)

Human Development

BIO 161 Human Physiology (4) (IVA, MPF) or

BIO 171 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) (IVA, MPF)

EDP 201 Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts (3) (IIC, MPF)

GTY 154 Aging in American Society (3) (IIC, MPF)

KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3)

KNH 232 Health Issues of Children and Youth (2)

KNH 432/532 Nutrition Across the Life Span (3)

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4)

PSY 231 Developmental Psychology (3) MPT

PSY 331 Infant Development (3)

Family Life Education Certification

Upon completion of the Family Studies major, graduates may be eligible to apply for provisional certification as a Family Life Educator from the National Council on Family Relations ( This certification emphasizes academic preparation and experience to enable individuals to design and implement curricula, workshops, and other family life education programs. The approved courses that fulfill the requirements of the academic training to become a Family Life Educator include: families in society (FSW 261 or SOC 361), internal dynamics of families (FSW 451 and FSW 475), human growth and development (GTY 466 or FSW 466; and FSW 281; and FSW 481), human sexuality (FSW 365 or SOC 221 or FSW 221 or WGS 221), interpersonal relationships (FSW 361 or WGS 361), family resource management (FSW 495 and FSW 362), parent education and guidance (FSW 381), family law and public policy (FSW 206 or FSW 462), ethics (FSW 494), and family life education methodology (FSW 418). Students are required to complete an internship that involves a minimum of 120 clock hours of direct contact focusing on family life education practice.

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