Health Promotion- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health

Health promotion encourages individuals and groups of people to improve and/or maintain their health status. Health promotion focuses on health, not disease – although each are discussed in light of the other in order to generate critical thinking, reasoning, and other basic principles of liberal education and lifelong learning. Using key frameworks like the Ecological Model and the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, our students understand their role in social systems and communities, both local and global, and generate an appreciation for the role that environments and health behaviors play in the quality of life of human beings across the lifespan. Program Requirements

Exploring KNH Matrix: (9 hours)

Take a minimum of nine (9) KNH credit hours OUTSIDE of student's major/concentration at multiple course levels 100 level, 200 level, 300 level and 400 level.

Requirements for all majors: (25 hours)

KNH 205 Understanding Drugs for the Health Promotion Professional (3)

KNH 206 AIDS: Etiology, Prevalence and Prevention (3)

KNH 242 Personal Health (3)

KNH/FSW 295 Research and Evaluation Methods (4)

KNH 362 Health Promotion Foundations (3)

KNH 462 Health Promotion Program Planning and Evaluation (3)

MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives (2)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

Select FOUR courses from the following:

BIO 161 Principles of Human Physiology (4)

FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle (3)

KNH 243 Women's Health Care: Problems and Practices (3)

KNH 329 Psychological Perspectives on Health (3)

KNH 385 Contemporary Issues in Men's Health (3)

KNH 386 Health Promotion for Minority Populations (3)

KNH 415 Health Education for Children and Youth (3)

KNH 420 Field Experience (3-8)

KNH 432 Nutrition Across the Life Span (3)

KNH 453 Seminar in Kinesiology and Health (1-4)

KNH 473 Children and Youth in Sport (3)

NSG 441 Health and Aging: Current Perspectives and Issues (3)

PSY 231 Developmental Psychology (3)

PSY 332 Child Development (3) or

FSW 281 Child Development in Diverse Families (4)

PSY 333 Adolescent Development (3) or

FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families (3)

PSY 334 Adulthood and Aging (3)

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