High School Preparation

To be admitted to Miami, you must have ordinarily earned a high school diploma from a state-chartered high school or have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Alternatively educated students without a GED certificate can be considered for admission by presenting credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of academic achievement, ability, and performance. (Please contact the appropriate admission office for guidelines.)

All candidates are also expected to have completed:

  • four units of college preparatory English
  • three units of college preparatory mathematics (at least to the Algebra II level)
  • three units of college preparatory natural science (including both a physical and a biological science)
  • three units of college preparatory social studies (including one unit of history)
  • two units of foreign language, both in the same language
  • one unit of fine arts, including art, drama, dance, or music, either appreciation or performance

Making up Requirements

If you have otherwise qualified for admission, but not fulfilled these unit prerequisites, you must complete them before you graduate with a baccalaureate degree from Miami. These regular courses will count toward graduation, and many of them can fulfill other university requirements. Normally, students complete these prerequisites within their first 64 credit hours of college work.

The following courses will fulfill the requirements:

English: Complete the English composition requirement of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.

Natural Science, Social Studies: Complete natural science and social science requirements of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.

Mathematics: Complete MTH 102 Intermediate Algebra, MTH 104 Precalculus with Algebra, MTH 123 Precalculus, or another math course of at least three credit hours at the level of MTH 123 or higher. Consult with the chief departmental adviser for mathematics.

Fine Arts: Complete the fine arts requirement of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.

Foreign Language: Take one year of foreign language selected from the following beginning level sequences (or higher level courses):

Arabic 101 and 102
Chinese 101 and 102
French 101 and 102
German 101 and 102
German 111 and 201
Greek 101 and 102
Hebrew 101 and 102
Hindi 101 and 102
Italian 101 and 102
Japanese 101 and 102
Korean 101 and 102
Latin 101 and 102
Portuguese 111
Russian 101 and 102
Spanish 101 and 102


These prerequisites are not required in order to earn a two-year degree. Students who continue their studies to earn a baccalaureate degree, however, are required to fulfill these standards.

Students graduating from high school prior to 1986 must have completed 17 units of study; at least 10 of those units must include any combination of English, speech, mathematics, science, history, social studies, and foreign language.

Students who qualify for admission by earning the General Educational Development (GED) certificate must submit a transcript of completed high school course work to evaluate fulfillment of these standards. Credentials of alternatively educated students will be evaluated to determine fulfillment of these standards.

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