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Earning a Teaching License

Licensure as a classroom teacher in the state of Ohio, and most other states, requires completion of a baccalaureate licensure program, passing a licensure examination(s), and a background check. Programs in the Teacher Education and Educational Psychology departments are approved by the Ohio Department of Education. Each program, when combined with a baccalaureate degree, makes the candidate eligible for the Ohio teaching license in a selected teaching field.

Students seeking licensure in more than one teaching field must meet all requirements for each field, including student teaching. These programs will exceed the minimum credit hours for graduation.

Supervised Teaching Policy

Supervised teaching, also called "student teaching," is a period of guided teaching when licensure program majors take increasing responsibility for learning activities of students in a classroom. It includes full-day off campus assignments for an entire semester, facilitated by a university supervisor in a school in cooperation with a licensed classroom teacher.

Student teachers are participants in all phases of the school program. They teach classes, organize and direct extracurricular activities, attend faculty meetings, and participate in other school functions.

Placements are in the Miami University designated geographic area in southwestern Ohio. Student teachers are required to make their own transportation arrangements, including costs. Students must manage their financial obligations so as to avoid outside involvement during this assignment and curtail other campus responsibilities so they do not interfere with the supervised teaching assignment. Students must provide proof of a criminal background check before beginning student teaching. Placement arrangements cannot be completed until the background check has been received.

Student teaching application forms are available on-line. Forms must be filled out and returned to the student teaching office by January prior to the student teaching year.


Reading Endorsement

The reading endorsement is available only at the graduate level. In early childhood and middle childhood, the student completes a twelve credit hour reading core which allows the student to teach reading in the age/grade level of licensure. See the Graduate Fields of Study section for information about the reading endorsement. See the Graduate Field of Study section of the Bulletin for information on the following endorsement:

Early Childhood Generalist 4-5 Endorsement

Middle Childhood Generalist 4-5-6 Endorsement


Teaching English Language Learners (TELLs)

Teaching English Language Learners (TELLs) Certificate provides undergraduate teacher licensure candidates the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will prepare them to meet the challenges of English language learners in their classrooms. The TELLs Certificate consists of an infusion portfolio, field-based experiences with language learners, a three course focus sequence and a cultural and social justice course. Open to all teacher licensure majors.

Program Requirements:

Required Courses:

EDT 221 Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Culture & Second Language Acquisition (3)

EDT 323 Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Instructional Theories & Practices (3)

EDT 425 Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Active Learning & Literacy (3)


An elective course in cultural diversity or social justice

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