International Education

Miami University’s policy on international programs and educational interchange:

It is essential in today’s interdependent world to provide a clear international perspective in the university’s curriculum. Citizens of all nations have a growing need to understand their citizenship in terms of global concerns as well as in terms of issues of local or national significance. People who have this awareness are likely not only to recognize and respect the legitimate rights and needs of other nations but also to realize how their own fate is ultimately bound to the fate of all peoples.

In this context, Miami University meets its responsibility to its students and to the state of Ohio by providing educational opportunities that recognize the plurality of cultures, the existence of common concerns, and the need for more effective methods of international and intercultural cooperation. The university is therefore committed to provide to the student body significant educational opportunities with international perspective. To this end, the university encourages the enrollment of foreign students who lend diversity to the campus community and serve as educational and cultural resources. It further encourages specialization in subject areas that have an international/intercultural dimension, such as the undergraduate program of International Studies, and informs students and faculty of overseas study and research opportunities that will enhance their international experience.

The university encourages international programs on campus and research and study abroad in a manner consistent with its policies on academic freedom and nondiscrimination. Believing generally that the interests of education are best served by access to all areas of the world, the university also believes that international education should promote the development of a humane and cooperative world order including respect for internationally recognized standards of human rights. The university seeks to ensure that its exchange programs remain consistent with these goals through regular review of all such programs. Creation of a program by Miami University constitutes no expressed or implied endorsement of the policies of the government of the other country.

John E. Dolibois European Center at the Château de Differdange, Luxembourg

Miami's fourth campus, the Dolibois European Center, founded in 1968, provides students with an opportunity to live and study in Europe while earning Miami credit. The Center is located at the historic castle of Differdange, Luxembourg’s third largest city. Situated in the heart of Western Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg retains the charm of its thousand-year heritage while standing in the vanguard of the European Union, as one of its three capitals. Both French and German are spoken.

Students pursue an in-depth study of Europe in 30 or more courses and faculty-led study tours are designed to take advantage of the European location. All courses apply Miami standards and offer Miami credit; instruction is in English except in language courses. Faculty is composed of both European professors and Miami professors on assignment from the Oxford and regional campuses. The experience of living with a Luxembourg family and the opportunity to explore Europe during vacation periods and weekends are integral parts of the Dolibois European Center concept.

If students intend to apply, they should plan their academic program carefully. One of the advantages of studying at the Center is that students may complete an entire Miami Plan Thematic Sequence or the Miami Plan Global Perspectives requirements in one semester or during the seven week summer workshop.

All Miami students with at least a 2.50 cumulative grade point average and a good conduct record are eligible to apply for study at the Center during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Students from other colleges and universities may also apply, provided they are admitted to Miami as transfer or transient students. The first-round application deadline is January 24 for fall and spring semesters of the following academic year. Rolling admissions thereafter. For the summer program, the application deadline is December 7.

For the year and semester programs, tuition and fees are the same as at the Oxford campus and students may apply their university scholarships or financial aid. In addition, to offset the cost of travel, students may be eligible for a Dolibois European Center scholarship, interest-free loan, and air travel grant. Costs for the summer program are based on Oxford campus tuition and fee rates. Honors Program students may be able to use their tuition waiver. A limited number of general scholarships are available for summer.

For more information, contact the Dolibois European Center Oxford Luxembourg Office, 218 MacMillan Hall (513-529-5050) or review information on the program’s website:

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