International Student Admission

Basic requirements for admission of international students to undergraduate study include:

  • Completion of formal secondary education in a pre-university curriculum that culminates in the award of a secondary school diploma or certificate which is generally recognized as the educational qualification necessary to gain admission to higher studies in your own country.
  • Adequate financial support
  • English language ability sufficient for you to undertake a full course of study. See the following section, “English Proficiency.”
  • SAT or ACT tests scores are required for admission of international students who are attending U.S. secondary schools or secondary schools in another country that follow a U.S. high school curriculum, and those who intend to participate in the intercollegiate athletic program and need to comply with NCAA eligibility requirements.

English Proficiency

International applicants (non-immigrants with F-1, J-1 or other visa status) whose native language is not English are required to submit evidence of English proficiency prior to their admission. In most cases, applicants will need to present satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Information concerning these examinations and location of test centers can be obtained at or

Students admitted through the American Culture and English (ACE) Program are conditionally admitted to Miami University. For a student’s status to change from conditional admission to regular enrollment, students must complete the ACE core curriculum with a B- or higher in each of the required English language classes (ACE 112 and ACE 113) and with a passing grade (D- or higher) in AMS 205. If a student does not achieve a grade of B- or higher in both ACE 112 and ACE 113, or fails AMS 205 in the fall semester, the student’s enrollment status will remain conditional and the student will be required to retake the pertinent course(s) during the spring semester. If the student does not earn grades of B- or higher in ACE 112 and ACE 113 and does not pass AMS 205 at the conclusion of the spring semester, that student has not met the requirements of conditional admission and will not be allowed further enrollment at any Miami University campus.

Undergraduate international students, like all Miami undergraduates, must satisfy the freshman English requirement. Students will be placed in the appropriate English courses based on test scores or other English proof of proficiency received at the time of admission.

ENG 108 is a pre-freshman level course designed to provide international students with basic competence in written and oral English. ENG 108 is followed by 109, similar to ENG 111 except ENG 109 concentrates on special needs of non-native speakers.

All students who begin in ENG 108 or 109 take ENG 112, which completes the freshman English requirement. This can be completed in two semesters or three, depending on whether you were first placed in ENG 108 or 109.

Non-native English speakers can get additional practice in the use of written and spoken English at the Bernard B. Rinella Jr. Learning Center, 23 Campus Avenue Building.

Selective Admission

Student Handbook, under Selective Admission:

Conditional Admission

A student who is competitive for admission, but does not meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement, may be offered conditional admission. Conditional admission is only granted through approved English intensive-language programs, including the Miami University American Culture and English (ACE) Program. For a student’s status to be changed from conditional admission to regular enrollment, the student must complete and fulfill all criteria established by the approved program.

Information and Application

Information and application forms for prospective international undergraduate students are available online ( and from:

Office of Admission

301 S. Campus Ave.

Miami University

Oxford, Ohio 45056-3434


Phone: 513-529-2531

Fax: 513-529-0682


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