Paper Science and Engineering

(13 semester hours)

The certificate program provides an understanding of the basic as well as applied principles, concepts and methodologies of direct consequence to operations in the paper industry. This certificate program is designed to be an addition to a bachelor's degree. Therefore, students can only enroll in this certificate program if they are pursuing a bachelor's degree at Miami University. The program includes additional requirements that connect to the paper science profession via a work experience and a portfolio of related experiences.

Program Requirements:


CPE 201 Principles of Paper Science and Engineering (3)

CPE 202 Pulp and Paper Physics (3)

CPE 301 Pulp and Paper Chemistry (3)

CPE 404 Papermaking (3)

CPE 320 Professional Practice (0)

CPE 490 Special Topics in Paper and Chemical Engineering (1)

Additional Requirements:

  1. Students are required to maintain a portfolio documenting their involvement in professional societies (TAPPI, for example), workshops, seminars, and internships/coop activities. The portfolio must also contain a reflective essay summarizing their educational and professional development.
  2. All required prerequisite courses must also be taken.
  3. Students must be actively pursuing a bachelor's degree at Miami University to enroll in this certificate program.
  4. No courses may be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

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