Social Work- Bachelor of Science in Social Work

This major is founded on a liberal arts base. The goal is to prepare students for generalist baccalaureate-level social work practice by integrating the knowledge, values, and skills of the social work profession.

Students are provided a professional foundation in social work values and ethics, diversity, social and economic justice, populations-at-risk, human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policy and services, social work practice, social work research, and field practice. This program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Special Admission Requirements

Prior to admission to this major, you may declare a pre-major. You must apply and be accepted by the social work faculty into the BSW program. You may apply to the program while in the process of completing the list of requirements, however, full admission requires completion of: (1) 30 hours of course work with a 2.50 or above overall GPA; (2) FSW 201 with a grade of C or better and passing BIO 161, ECO 201, SOC 151, and PSY 111; (3) 20 hours of volunteer work in a social service agency within the past four years; (4) a questionnaire; and (5) two recommendations. Social Work applications are available on the FSW website and in Room 101 McGuffey Hall. Application packets must be filed in the Social Work Program Office by March 1. Admission is limited. You must meet the program requirements as they stand at the time you declare this major. All students, regardless of year of entry, are held to the Social Work Retention Policy.

Program Requirements

Required core courses

All of these:

FSW 201 Introduction to Social Work (3)

FSW 206 Social Welfare: Impact on Diverse Groups (4) (IIC, MPF)

FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle (3)

FSW 295 Research and Evaluation Methods (4)

FSW 306 Social Work Practice I (4)

FSW 309 Social Welfare Policy II (3)

FSW 312 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)

FSW 406 Social Work Practice II (4)

FSW 411 Social Work Senior Practicum (12)

FSW 412 Senior Seminar in Social Work I (2)

FSW 413 Senior Seminar in Social Work II (2)

Required related hours

All of these:

BIO 161 Human Physiology and lab (4) (MPF IVA, LAB) or

KNH 244 Functional Anatomy (3)
BIO 171 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3) (MPF IIC) or

ECO 131 Economic Perspectives on Inequality in America (3) or

ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

FSW 281 Child Development in Diverse Families (4) or

PSY 231 Developmental Psychology (3)

FSW/GTY 466 Later Life Families (3) or

PSY 334 Adulthood and Aging (3)

FSW 475 Family Theories (3)

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4) (MPF IIC) or

EDP 101 Critical Issues in Psychology of the Learner (3) (MPF IIC)

SOC 151 Social Relations (4) (MPF IIC) or

SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4) (MPF V) or

PSY 293 Research Design and Analyses in Psychology I (4) or

ISA 205 Business Statistics (4)

Choose ONE of the following:

PSY 221 Social Psychology (3)

PSY 241 Personality (3)

PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology (3)

PSY 324 Advanced Social Psychology (3)

PSY 325 Psychology of Prejudice and Minority Experience (3)

PSY 326 Psychology of Women (3)

PSY 345 Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities (3)

Choose ONE of the following:

FSW 485 Social Work in a Diverse World (3)

SJS 323 Social Justice and Change (3)

SJS 487 Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights (3)

SOC 348 American Minority Relations (3)

POL 353 Constitutional Rights and Liberties (3)

PSY 325 Psychology of Prejudice and Minority Experience (3)

Social Work Senior Practicum

FSW 411 (Social Work Senior Field Practicum) is open only to social work majors and taken for six semester hours both semesters of the senior year. FSW 306 and FSW 406 must be completed prior to beginning Field Practicum. In addition, concurrent registration for FSW 412 and/or FSW 413 is required with FSW 411 Senior Practicum. The practicum provides an opportunity to apply generalist social work knowledge and skills from the classroom to experiences within a social service agency setting. Students apply generalist social work knowledge and methods to social work with individuals, families, groups, agencies, communities, and/or institutions.

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