SOCIOLOGY COURSES (SOC-Arts and Science; Department of Sociology and Gerontology)

Note: A student may not declare a double major in SOC and SJS if he/she is taking Track 1 or Track 2 of the SJS major.

Note: A student majoring in SOC and minoring in Criminology must fulfill the requirements for the major AND the minor for a total of 50 SOC credits.

Beginning Fall 2012 we are phasing out SOC 152 - Social Relations and U.S. Cultures. If you have already taken that class, it serves the same function as either SOC 151 or SOC 153.

All 300 and 400 level sociology courses (with the exception of SOC 375 and SOC 378) require SOC 151 or SOC 153 (or SOC/SJS 165 where indicated) as a prerequisite. Prerequisites may be waived with permission of instructor. See note below on additional requirements for 400-level courses. Students cannot receive credit toward the sociology major for both SOC 151 and SOC 152 or for both SOC 152 and SOC 153.

400-level courses require upper-class or graduate standing and 12 semester hours of sociology or six hours of sociology and six hours from the following: anthropology, economics, geography, gerontology, political science, psychology or social justice studies. Six of these hours must be advanced credit. Note specific prerequisite for SOC 440.

Upper level classes require the successful completion of either SOC 151 or SOC 153 and where indicated SOC/SJS 165.

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