Special Education Minor

A minor is a specific program to be taken along with a major to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities. More information on minors is in the Other Requirements chapter.

Special Education Without Licensure

Open to any major, this minor can usually be completed within a four-year program. It includes Thematic Sequence EDP 1. Applications for this minor and thematic sequence are accepted in the EDP office in McGuffey Hall each year until enrollment limits are reached. Online classes during winter and summer terms may be required.

Program Requirements

Take this course first:

EDP 256 Psychology of Learners with Exceptionalities (3)


EDP 494 Assessment and Evaluation of Exceptional Learners (3)

EDP 496 Behavioral Interventions: Theory, Principles, and Practice (3)

Choose from the following to complete 18 hours:

EDP 272 Disability Studies (3)

EDP 478 Consultation and Collaboration in Special Education (3) EDP 444 Teaching Social and Affective Skills to Children and Youth with Exceptionalities (3)

EDP 491 Individuals With Mild-Moderate Disabilities: Social, Educational and Legal Issues (3)

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