Sport Management Minor

(18 semester hours)

The minor in Sport Management focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for administrative or managerial positions in sport at various levels (from youth to elite sport) and in various contexts (from community recreational to professional sport). Students majoring in Sport Leadership and Management are NOT eligible for this minor.

Program Requirements

All of these:

KNH 212 Sport Management (3)

KNH 313 Sport Economics and Finance (3)

KNH 414 Facilities and Event Management in Sport (3)

KNH 416 Sport Marketing (3)

ONE of these:

KNH 453M Ethics in Sports (3)

KNH 453O Legal Issues for KNH Professionals (3)

KNH 4536 Sport Administration (3)

KNH 472 Sport in Schools and Colleges (3)

ONE of these:

KNH/BWS/SOC 279 African Americans in Sport (3)

KNH 378 Sport, Power, and Inequality (3)

KNH 448 International Perspectives in Sport (3)

KNH 471 Sport, Leisure and Aging (3)

KNH 473 Children and Youth in Sport (3)

KNH 475 Women, Gender Relations, and Sport (3)

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