Pre-Professional Studies

Pre-veterinarian student working with a doctor and dogBecause Miami graduates achieve unusually high acceptance rates to professional schools, a Miami education is a good start to your career. The balanced academic program provided by the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving ability as well as essential written and verbal skills highly sought after by professional schools nationwide.

Our pre-professional programs involve a self-selected course of study that prepares you for professional school within the guidelines of another major. Students interested in healthcare professions, such as medicine and physical therapy, often major in Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology, or Psychology. Popular majors for students interested in law include Economics, English, History, and Political Science.


A pre-med student working with a doctor, learning the tools of his tradeMiami offers all the courses you need to prepare for medical school or any healthcare professional program, including schools of dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and veterinary science. Other features of pre-professional study in healthcare include the following:

  • Faculty advisers who guide you in selecting courses, preparing for the MCAT, and applying to professional schools
  • Participation in research to help refine your interests. Each year, more than 2,000 Miami undergraduates work with professors as part of research teams or conduct their own independent research
  • Opportunity to meet healthcare professionals and participate in full-immersion job shadowing through Miami's Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education
  • Option to live with other pre-med students and take part in medical-related activities by selecting the Pre-Med Living Learning Community

For more information, visit the Mallory-Wilson Center or contact Tailyn Walborn, chief pre-health adviser, via email or phone at 513-529-3149.


A pre-law advisor working with a student to prepare for the LSATAt Miami, you'll find all the courses you need to prepare for law school as well as a variety of programs designed to educate and advise students about legal practice—from our Pre-Law Center library providing LSAT preparation books and career guides to overnight summer camps with classes and mock trials. Other resources to support your pre-professional study include the following:

  • Mentoring program that matches students with a law school graduate who attended Miami
  • Opportunities for job shadowing and internships with lawyers during school breaks
  • Several law-related student organizations that hold social events and offer intercollegiate competition
  • Workshops and seminars held throughout the school year to learn from and network with legal professionals
  • Miami's Pre-Law Living Learning Community, in which you can live with other pre-law students and learn more about the "ins and outs" of the legal profession

For more information, see Pre-Law Program or contact our pre-law adviser at 513-529-0877.