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What is Studio Art?

Art is a means of expression and communication and a way to explore the world in which we live. Artists use various creative techniques, such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, photography, jewelry design and metalworking to invent images that communicate or influence ideas, emotions, and messages to others.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

Small classes

The department's average teacher/student ratio of 14:1 creates an intimate classroom environment, and our out-of-class activities allow faculty, staff, and students to become well-acquainted.

Broad exposure

Miami's department of art, accredited through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, brings together students of varied interests and talents: students who are studying to be practicing artists, students who are preparing to be art teachers, and students who are concentrating on art history. Often, art classes are composed of students from each of these areas. This enriches and broadens exposure to different points of view.

Creative study

Regular exhibition opportunities are available through the art department and in a final show of work in a senior capstone exhibition. You will also be encouraged to participate in regional and national competitions.

Study abroad

Although study abroad is valuable to any student, art students can benefit especially from this rich experience. Students can study abroad in department of art faculty-led experiences in Paris, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Art students also frequently take advantage of courses at Studio Art Centers International, as well as other programs in Florence. The wide variety of courses offered are designed to take advantage of the European location. Because travel is part of the program, you have many opportunities to see the great museums of Europe and to experience the ancient artistic traditions of the continent.

Generous facilities

Each of the studio areas (ceramics, jewelry design and metals, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture) have their own labs and studios, with several rooms devoted to each specific area of study.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

The admission process includes submission of a portfolio of images of recent work for review by the art faculty. The purpose of the review is to assess artistic potential, to approve admission to the department, and to award departmental scholarships. Please understand that an impressive portfolio is a goal to be achieved during study, not a prerequisite for entrance.

What courses would I take?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art has six different concentration choices:

  • ceramics
  • metals
  • painting
  • photography
  • printmaking
  • sculpture.

During your first year of study at Miami University, you will establish a strong foundation in art with courses in basic design, drawing, and art history.

In your sophomore year, you will choose from a series of introductory courses that will expose you to potential areas of in-depth study, such as painting/drawing, sculpture, graphic design, printmaking, ceramics, photography, or jewelry design and metals. Upper-class students must earn six semester hours in the history of art at 300 or 400 level, six semester hours in advanced drawing, 12 semester hours in a single studio area with six hours at 300 level and six at 400 level, and 12 semester hours of studio electives taken at any level (which can be a second studio concentration, plus 6 hours of art electives).

Program requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art»

What can I do with this major?

Studio art graduates seek careers in many areas. Some become professional artists, such as art directors, web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, printmakers, painters, sculptors, metalsmiths, and ceramists. Graduates may also go on to graduate school to prepare them to be university faculty, private-sector teachers, art therapists, gallery directors, museum curators, or art critics.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Art
124 Art Building
Oxford, OH 45056