(18 semester hours)


The Ceramics minor students explore and develop concepts, techniques, materials, methods, and critical aesthetic thinking as applied to the process of making three-dimensional objects. Three-dimensional art as a non-verbal language is taught through research, production, viewing, interaction, and verbal critique with a focus on further development toward a significant personal expression through a 400-level studio disciplinary sequence.

At Miami, Ceramics minors can:

  • Explore depth in 3D materials and processes.
  • Develop technical, aesthetic and conceptual skill while working in physical space.
  • Create with state-of-the-art 3D fabrication technology balanced with learning traditional processes.
  • Research and create 3D and time-based art.
  • Integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic and research pursuits.
  • Be a part of a community of artists, taking classes with art majors and advanced students.
  • Create a high quality portfolio that can lead to continued studies in other programs or be a creative edge for industry/business.


Program Requirements

18 credit hrs. total

Take one of the following (3 hrs. total):
ART 171 Visual Fundamentals: 3-D (3)
ARC 102 Beginning Design Studio (5)
EAS 102 Problem Solving & Design (3)

Take all of these (15 hrs. total):

ART 261 Ceramics I (3)
ART 361 Ceramics II (3)
ART 362 Ceramics III (3)
ART 461 Ceramics IV (3)
ART 462 Ceramics V (3)


A minimum 2.50 GPA is required for admittance to the minor and is required for all courses in this minor. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit).


Department of Art
124 Art Building
Oxford, OH 45056