English:Creative Writing

(18 semester hours)


Creative writing is an ideal supplement for students planning careers that will require creative flexibility and inventiveness, fluent written and oral communication, comfort with ambiguity, excellent interpersonal skills, and training in analysis of challenging information. Majors in business (most popularly, marketing), graphic design, pre-law, history, philosophy, foreign languages, psychology, and media and communication are all usefully enhanced by an exploration of creative writing. Through the creative writing minor, students can satisfy a personal interest, strengthen their degree, and enhance their career opportunities. Students take practice-based courses on fiction, screenwriting, poetry, digital literature, and creative nonfiction and learn about the literary marketplace. Rough drafts are transformed into polished final products with the support of peers and faculty. The minor is open to all majors except English/Creative Writing.


There are no special eligibility requirements for this minor.


Department of English
Margaret Luongo, Director of Creative Writing
329 Bachelor Hall
Oxford, OH 45056