Early Decision FAQs

Students working together

1. When is the Early Decision deadline?
The Early Decision deadline is November 15. Decision notification is December 15.

2. What application is used for Early Decision?
Miami University uses the Common Application. Early Decision applicants must also submit the Common Application Early Decision Agreement form.

3. If I'm not accepted to Miami under Early Decision, can I still be accepted under another decision plan?
Students not accepted under the Early Decision plan still remain in the applicant pool. They will be deferred admission, and their applications will be reviewed a second time. Final admission decision notification is March 15.

4. May I apply to multiple schools under Early Decision?
No, you may not. Since Early Decision is a binding agreement of your intent to enroll, you may only apply to one school under the Early Decision plan.

5. May I apply for admission to other universities if I apply to Miami as an Early Decision applicant?
Yes, you may apply to other institutions while you are a Miami University Early Decision candidate. However, Early Decision applicants must withdraw all applications at other colleges and enroll at Miami once admitted by the University.

6. What if I decide not to apply as Early Decision after I submit my application?
If you would like to switch your application type, contact your admission representative before November 15.

7. Can I apply to the University Honors Program as an Early Decision applicant?
There is no separate application for the University Honors Program. Students will be selected for Honors from the application for admission, including Early Decision applicants.

8. When is my enrollment confirmation deposit due and how much is it?
Students who are admitted under Early Decision are committed to enrolling to Miami and must submit the confirmation deposit of $425 ($95 for commuter students) by January 15.

9. Will I still be eligible for scholarships and financial aid?
Yes. Application type does not affect your eligibility for merit or need-based scholarship or financial aid consideration. Early Decision applicants receive full consideration for both merit and need-based scholarships. Students wishing to be considered for need-based scholarships are encouraged to submit the FAFSA by Miami’s Priority I Deadline of December 1, 2017 and no later than the Priority II Deadline of February 1, 2018.

10. When will I receive notification about scholarships and financial aid?
Scholarship and financial aid notification takes place in mid-March.

11. What if I don't receive enough financial aid?
Students who are admitted under Early Decision may appeal to be released from their commitment if there is demonstrated financial hardship. However, Early Decision applicants are applying to Miami University without comparing financial aid packages from other institutions. Therefore, if financial factors impact your decision to attend Miami, Early Decision may not be the best choice.

12. Can I change my major after I submit my Early Decision application?
Yes. Students commonly request to change their major after submitting the application for admission. Students should contact their admission representative to request the change to their application.

Early Decision applicants who wish to be considered for direct admission to the Farmer School of Business (FSB) should request a change of major no later than December 1, 2017. Requests to be considered for FSB direct admission submitted after December 1 may not be processed prior to release of admission decisions on December 15 and cannot be guaranteed.

13. If I am accepted for admission to Miami University but am not directly admitted into the Farmer School of Business, will I still be bound by the Early Decision agreement?
Yes. If you are not directly admitted to FSB, you will still have an opportunity to transfer into FSB upon successful completion of the non-competitive admission requirements.

14. If I am accepted for admission to Miami University but am not directly admitted into the College of Creative Arts, will I still be bound by the Early Decision agreement?
No. Students who are not directly admitted into the College of Creative Arts will not be bound by the Early Decision agreement.