Honors Programs Application Process

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Students applying for Fall 2020 admission and beyond are required to complete a separate application for consideration to Miami University's honors programs including the University Academic Scholars Program, the University Honors Program, and the Presidential Fellows Program. The application will be available in August 2019. 

Application Process

In order to be considered for admission to Miami University, students must complete the Common Application. Students can indicate their interest in applying to Miami University's honors programs on the Common Application. 

Once the Common Application is submitted, students can access the application for honors programs on their Applicant Status Page. The honors programs application will appear on the Applicant Status Page within 24 hours of Common Application submission. 

Essays for the University Academic Scholars Program and the University Honors Program should be approximately 500 words in length. Responses for the Presidential Fellows Program are typically 500-1,000 words in length.

Below are the essay prompts for Fall 2019 admission. Prompts for Fall 2020 admission will be available in August 2019. 

University Academic Scholars Program - What would you contribute and expect to gain from your participation in the University Academic Scholars Program? How would this particular program align with your academic and professional ambitions and passions? 

University Honors Program - Reflect on a time when you were surprised to learn that things were not as they seemed. How did those conclusions evolve and what did you learn? How did you share that learning experience with others or allow it to shape a future endeavor?

Presidential Fellows Program - In his 2016 Inaugural Address, President Gregory Crawford stated, "We know that society is looking to universities for solutions, not only in science and technology, but also in the ability to uplift the well-being and mutual understanding of people across the globe." What role and responsibilities do you believe universities have in this endeavor and how would you impact the contributions of Miami University during your time as a student and as a Presidential Fellow? 

If you have any questions, please contact your admission representative

Students interested in the Presidential Fellows Program must also apply to the University Academic Scholars Program and/or the University Honors Program by November 1, 2018.
The application deadline for the University Academic Scholars Program and the University Honors Program is December 1, 2018.