Engineering and Computing Scholars

Two students working on an engineering project together

Future innovators and leaders in the field of computing can prepare for their careers here. Students involved in these programs will broaden their perspectives and gain real-world experience. Scholars in this program will:

  • Participate in a guaranteed interview for the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, a prestigious cohort for future engineering and computing leaders.
  • Conduct fully funded research with top faculty on cutting-edge projects that prepare them for the rigors of graduate school or the professional world. 
  • Meet with the dean, department chairs, and professors during "Lunch with Leaders."
  • Enroll in creativity and leadership seminars that help to sharpen the skills that employers value.
  • Be guaranteed the opportunity to travel abroad and work with international research partners on special projects that provide global prospective. 

To be considered for the Engineering and Computing Scholars Program, you must select a major in the College of Engineering and Computing.

For more information, contact Brian Kirkmeyer.