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Top 10

Entrepreneurship Program
among public undergraduate schools eleven years in a row.

The Princeton Review
& Entrepreneur Magazine 2019

Farmer School
of Business

The Farmer School of Business offers 8 majors,
1 co-major, and 17 minors (many available to all
Miami students, not just business students).

Farmer School of Business Majors

  • Accountancy
  • Business Economics
  • Entrepreneurship*
  • Finance
  • Human Capital Management and Leadership
  • Information Systems and Analytics
  • Interdisciplinary Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management

–As of Fall 2019

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Oxford and Beyond

Study abroad transports you into new worlds and new perspectives.
It helps you understand and appreciate global issues and world cultures
– a valuable asset in the job market and any career.

A Top 10 College

for producing



Money Magazine, 2016

Oxford andBeyond

Esther Lapido ’17

Finance Major
Social Entrepreneurship,
Black World Studies Minors

Esther Ladipo’s favorite part of her experience at Miami has been the incredible opportunities that she’s been given. The ability to combine seemingly unrelated disciplines of study (paired with her study abroad experiences and mentorship from Miami alumni) has given Esther a new view of the world with which she has developed passions and a sense of confidence that are fueling her success.

It wasn’t until she studied abroad in Southeast Asia with the Farmer School of Business that she realized “how big the world actually is and how one person and one idea can make a difference in people’s lives.” After working with entrepreneurs in Cambodia, Esther returned to Oxford with a new mindset and declared a minor in (Social) Entrepreneurship.

As a part of her Black World Studies minor, Esther also studied abroad in Cuba. During this experience, she completed an independent study on women’s perceptions of beauty and the influences of commercialization on these perceptions.

In addition to her study abroad experiences, Esther also benefited from the vast network of successful Miami alumni. Through her involvement with the Multicultural Business Association on campus, she met Miami alum Nick House, who has worked for both Ernst and Young and Procter and Gamble. Nick quickly became a mentor of Esther’s and recommended her for a competitive internship with Ernst and Young. Esther landed the internship with the accounting powerhouse the summer prior to her sophomore year in its audit department.

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In reflecting on her success, Esther is not shy about giving credit where credit is due.

“If I was not at Miami, I would not have been able to go to Southeast Asia. I would not have been able to conduct a research project in Cuba. I think my experiences at Miami have made me a better person, and it has really prepared me for what the real world is going to be. I consider myself a better leader because of my experiences at Miami. I consider myself someone that is not afraid of being uncomfortable because of my experiences at Miami. I’ve gone through so much and been awarded so many opportunities that the world can be mine – there’s nothing that I can’t achieve if I work hard. The number one thing that I’ve learned at Miami is that there’s little replacement for hard work.”

Portrait of Esther Lapido