Business Skills for Non-Business Majors

Business Skills for Non-Business Majors

Most college graduates eventually will work in a business environment. Yet the undergraduate curriculum for non-business majors does not typically involve business courses or experiential learning. With a new 10-month master’s degree in business management, Miami will deliver to the non-business graduate essential skills, core business knowledge and hands-on, client-based experiential learning.

Areas of learning include:

  • Managerial skills
  • Analytical and strategic thinking
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Creative thinking
  • Business communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Effective teamwork and ethical thinking

All with a consistent focus on career development and networking skills.

The faculty envision this program as the launch pad for other professional master’s programs, dual-degree programs and graduate certificates that can benefit from a business core. For example, students interested in healthcare fields can be engaged in the health care sector during their capstone experience. Students completing a subset of courses in the business core of the program would earn the Certificate in Business Management.

Leading Faculty on the Project

Bryan Ashenbaum
Professor and Chair,

John "Skip" Benamati
Professor and Chair, Information Systems and Analytics

Jon Grenier
Associate Professor,

Barnali Gupta
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Professor of Economics, Farmer School of Business

Joel Harper
Professor and Chair,

Tim Holcomb
Associate Professor and Director, Management and Entrepreneurship

Mike McCarthy
Professor and Chair,

Joseph Rode


Graduates in a variety of disciplines will be better prepared for career options with training in core business concepts and management.

Initial Investment: