Center for Cybersecurity

Center for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity touches nearly every facet of our society, including national and homeland security, business, law, infrastructure and education. We propose a study to determine the feasibility of a Miami Center for Cybersecurity spanning several academic divisions. We will target multiple audiences, including high-school students, current Miami students, C-suite executives and managers in mid-sized regional firms.

In Phase 1, we will determine the shape of the future program and identify potential partners. In Phase 2, we will recruit a director and faculty lines needed to bring the program to fruition.

Leading Faculty on the Project

John "Skip" Benamati 
Professor and Chair, 
Information Systems & Analytics

Patrick J. Haney
Professor and Associate Dean, Political Science

James Kiper 
Professor and Chair,
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Bryan W. Marshall
Professor and Chair,
Political Science


The center can both leverage existing Miami expertise to fill a market need and become a source of engagement with external partners.


Level of Investment:

$45,000 – initial investment for the feasability study



Cybersecurity Summit, data defense in the education industry - July 29, 2019