CADS Fingerprint

The Center for Analytics and Data Science is excited to offer a way to track your analytics and data science skills development! Powered by Miami’s Emerging Technology in Business + Design Department, the Fingerprint is a tool to help students be more strategic with workshop and program selections offered by CADS. 

This is an example of what a student's fingerprint
could look like based on them attending
Code Demystified, Question the Question,
and Data Analytics Storytelling.

The web interface allows for selections to be made based on the CADS program the student has participated in, or is interested in participating in the future. With each selection, area(s) of skill development will grow based on learning outcomes for the program(s). Many programs are built to expand proficiency and the concentric circles of the Fingerprint will continue to grow as you continue to develop these skills over time.

The CADS Fingerprint can serve as a communication tool with potential internships and employers. Students may print out their selected programs to show industry professionals the fundamental skills they have developed. 

Next steps: CADS will be working with faculty to add coursework to this tool so students can combine their curricular and co-curricular experiences into one visual representation of their skills.