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All rental units require an annual permit and are inspected at least every two years. Your unit could be scheduled for an inspection during the time you are living there.

No person shall rent or lease a dwelling unit, except to a member of his or her family, without a dwelling unit rental permit issued by the Code Official in the name of the owner or operator for the specific dwelling unit.

All dwellings, dwelling units, rooming houses, lodging houses, rooming units, fraternity houses, and premises requiring a rental permit shall be inspected on a regular and systematic basis.

If your dwelling unit is scheduled for a routine inspection, the Code Official must be given access to your dwelling at all reasonable times.

In the event that a formal, written complaint is filed with the Building and Inspection Division, an inspection shall be conducted within 5 days. Notice shall be given to the owner, the occupant, or the owner's agent 24 hours in advance of any such inspection except in an emergency situation or in those cases where the owner, agent, or occupant consents to inspection or when the premises is open and accessible to inspection.

For a more detailed description of the inspection process, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 513-524-5209 or visit the Inspections Office at 15 S. College Avenue.