Landlord Tenant Act

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The City of Oxford—Fair Housing provides a summary of the Ohio Landlord Tenant Act in a downloadable brochure (PDF). The full law in the Ohio Revised Code is linked below within a summary provided by the City of Oxford.


The Ohio Tenant-Landlord Bill, effective November 4, 1974, applies to most landlord-tenant relations and governs most rental agreements whether written or oral.

None of the rights, remedies, or obligations that the tenant or the landlord may have under this law may be taken away by any written or oral agreement. The Ohio Tenant-Landlord law does not apply to condominiums, prisons, jails, workhouses, halfway houses, hospitals, resident homes, agricultural labor camps, tourist homes, hotels, motels, some boarding schools, dormitories, orphanages, some farm residences and trailer courts. Ohio does have a law that outlines responsibilities and rights of Trailer Park operators and tenants. (Chapter 3733, Ohio Revised Code)