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800 East High Street

(513) 529-0522

Located in the Farmer School of Business, this lunchtime destination offers you 5 menus to choose from. Combine selections from multiple menus to customize your dining experience.

Meet the Staff

Tim Schomberg

Tim Schomberg
Executive manager

Scott Rouse

Scott Rouse
Executive Chef

Caitlyn Brock

Caitlyn Brock
Assistant Manager

Concepts and Menus

Asian Market

Peruse the Asian Market and choose from sushi, dumplings, rice, edamame, spring rolls, and Asian inspired salads

Fiscal Grind

Caffeinate your day with coffee and tea from Fiscal Grind. Pair your speciality drink with a warm baked good to make the perfect to-go snack.

Panini Portfolio

Melt into your day at Panini Portfolio where you can enjoy a selection of freshly pressed sandwiches. Popular selections include Montgomery Inn Pork BBQ and Tuscan chicken.

Preferred Stock

This rotating soup menu includes campus favorite such as tuscan chicken, roasted roma tomato and Miami’s signature chili.

Traders’ Greens

Enjoy a custom-created entrée salad with over 50 toppings to choose from.