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Room Selection Details for Rising Second Year Students

General Online Room Selection

The general online room selection is for all current first-year students (rising second year students) who do not already have a room on campus for 2019-2020. This process will give you the flexibility to search for available rooms or apartments and choose your own room.


  • Beginning in mid-Spring, you will be able to start accessing the housing registration system. If you have specific roommates that you want to live with, you will need to get your roommate group organized and set-up in the system before room selection occurs.
  • All current first year students will be given a randomly selected lottery time (generated by our housing system). This lottery time will tell you the exact time at which you'll be able to select your room for next year.
  • More details and specific dates will be provided soon!

Sorority Corridor Housing

This process is for current first-year women who are new sorority members and will be living in corridors with other members of their sorority. Each sorority has a designated corridor in one or more of the following halls: Hamilton, Minnich, Scott, Richard, and MacCracken. A sorority corridor may be divided between floors as necessary.


  • Lottery Times: Lottery times for sorority corridor members will be generated randomly by our system on April 1. These lottery times will tell you what time you will be able to select a room on the room selection day -- it's your timeslot for choosing a room. 
  • Roommate Groups: After receiving your lottery time, you will be able to access the housing system in order to organize roommate groups. This is optional, but it is required if you want to be able to pull a roommate in to your room during your lottery time.
  • Room Selection Day: On April 3 you will be able to choose a room within your sorority corridor. Be sure to login to your housing account to select your room at the selected time you received in the lottery. 

For more information about sorority recruitment at Miami University, please visit the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

This process is for affiliated women only. As space permits, a limited number of non-affiliated women may be placed in these corridors.

Refer to the Consolidation Policy regarding vacancies that occur after the room selection process is complete.

Student Created Communities

Miami University offers the opportunity for current first year students to initiate community housing options around a specific theme that bring students together to enhance their second year living experience! These Student Created Communities provide a unique opportunity for rising second year students who share a common interest to live together in order to enhance their learning and overall residential experience at Miami University. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to continue the themed housing from their first-year into the second-year or for residents to address an important topic that has not been addressed in existing upper-class Living Learning Communities. 

For more details visit the Residence Life Website.

Refer to the Consolidation Policy regarding vacancies that occur after the room selection process is complete.

First-Year Students Returning to Same Living Learning Community (LLC)

Miami offers this opportunity to select second-year students who are eager to continue in their first-year LLC. Students participating in this community are expected to help plan the LLC Kick-Off and First 8-Weeks programming. In addition, throughout the year, second-year residents will be expected to provide leadership to the community, interact positively with first-year students, and complete other tasks.

Students should speak with their current Resident Director if interested in this opportunity.

Assignment Pending

Depending upon the lottery timeframe received, a small number of students may not see any available rooms when they enter the process. If this happens to you, we ask that you proceed with signing a housing contract. Instead of choosing a room, you will be assigned to Assignment Pending Status. We anticipate full occupancy this fall, which means that during room selection we expect to have periods of time when there are no open rooms to choose from. During the spring and summer months, we learn of a large number of students who will not be returning to University housing, which enables us to open rooms that were previously shown as unavailable.

If you are placed in the Assignment Pending Status, you will be able to enter your roommate requests, as well as hall preferences immediately online. As spaces become available, we will use those preferences to assign you to a room. Each year we are able to assign every returning Second Year student by mid-summer.