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Personal Training

student helping another student lift a weight student helping another student lift a weight

This is your opportunity to meet with a fitness professional to develop a strength & conditioning/fitness program specifically designed to meet your goals, needs, and interests. Your Personal Trainer will provide high quality instruction, support, and guidance as you work through the training program towards your ultimate goals.

All Personal Training packages begin with an initial assessment session. This session provides an opportunity for you and your trainer to discuss and document your physical readiness for activity, health & exercise history, and goal setting. The session may include assessments to analyze posture, dynamic movements, strength, exercise technique, and body composition. Your Personal Trainer will utilize this information to design a training program and strategy to address your goals and needs in future sessions.

All session packages expire one year from date of purchase.  

All Monthly Subscription options require two full-months of active participation; to cancel subscription, email notification must be sent to Mike Arnos, Senior Director of Programs,, 513-529-8179. by the 15th day of the month which will be the last month of participation. 

To register for these services, please go to the Pro Shop in the Rec or register online. You will be contacted by a Personal Trainer or a Fitness Director to schedule your first training session within two business days following your registration. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or a session will be charged.

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Packages and Fees

Balanced Packages
Type Member Non-Member
3 Sessions $120 $160
5 Session $180 $225
10 Sessions $310 $375
20 Sessions $550 $650

Assessment and Orientation

Technique Check

For those looking to specifically work on improving their technique in certain strength training movements/exercises. It will primarily focus on the execution of Squats, Deadlifts, Olympic Lifts, and/or pressing & pulling exercises. This is an opportunity get get an objective analysis of your technique and receive coaching points to clean up and optimize your performance.

Approximately 30 minute 1:1 session to focus on perfecting an exercise technique. Common focuses include Squats, Deadlifts, Olympic Lifts, Pressing, and Pull-Ups.

Body Composition

When it comes to quantifying one’s health, measuring weight is not nearly detailed or indicative of one's health status as measuring one's body composition. Purchase a pass at the Pro Shop to get a complete picture and detailed analysis of your health. The body composition test will break down your body's lean body mass, fat mass, total body water, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and overall weight.

Monthly Subscription Memberships
Level Member Non-Member
PT Pass Level I
ONE 1:1 Session Per Week
(In One Month Period)
$140 --
PT Pass Level II
TWO 1:1 Session Per Week
(In One Month Period)
$250 --
PT Pass Level III
THREE 1:1 Session Per Week
(In One Month Period)
$300 --

Small Group Training

Create community & camaraderie amongst friends & fellow participants focused on optimizing overall fitness levels with added boosts of motivation, fun, & accountability. Each small group can be customized.

*Consult with fitness directors to customize, build, & schedule small group training sessions.

Pass for one assessment. You can quantify and benchmark the breakdown of your body’s fat mass, lean body mass, and total body water to help measure goal progression.

Level Members Only
Technique Check $20
Body Composition $3