Skills in the Humanities: Video Transcript

Edith Lui [Political Science and Philosophy double major]: Questioning everything that I read and being able to interpret some difficult texts is really important.

Caitlyn Jones [Psychology and English:Professional Writing double major]: The conversations that we're able to have is because everyone comes at it with a lot of empathy and maturity.

Leanne Stahulak [English:Creative Writing, Journalism, and Media & Culture triple major]: All you need is a talent and a passion for words and learning how to express in the best way possible that suits you and suits your talent.

Josiah Collins [Journalism and Sports Leadership & Management double major]: The different styles of writing for journalism. Knowing how to write for them, knowing how to take pictures for them, knowing how to put video together, audio together.

Leanne Stahulak: Learning about the formatting of different stories, how to create a compelling narrative without introducing any bias or opinion into it.

Edith Lui: Getting the logic, the formal logic courses, just reading texts and understanding human nature.

Dania Puente [Strategic Communication and East Asian Languages & Cultures double major]: You have to be willing to learn a new language and learn about a new culture.

[Psychology and Philosophy double major]: Just a love for the text itself, a love for philosophy, for logical reasoning, for metaphysics.

Tavis Enderle [Philosophy major]: What the professor ends up wanting is to delve down on the topic and not just be generalizing, so it's going to be something very specific.

Caitlyn Jones: Right when I hear a prompt, I can think about the way I want to attack the prompt and come prepared to discuss different arguments to back those arguments up more effectively.

Dania Puente: I get to take history courses, anthropology courses, art courses, and just getting a basic knowledge I think is very important and goes along with a language.

Josiah Collins: It's definitely taught me a lot about kind of finding the truth in things.

Leanne Stahulak: You can be anybody and anything as long as you can express yourself.

[March 2019]