During your sophomore year, you will:

  • Complete Miami Plan Foundation requirements.
  • Begin your major courses and/or use Miami Plan courses to focus on your interests and academic strengths.
  • Declare, change, or add additional programs of study.
  • Begin to think about study abroad programs.

The majority of majors in the College of Arts and Science can be completed within a 2- or 2½-year period so it is important for you to use the Miami Plan to further explore potential majors and take advantage of programs and resources available.

Visit the "What Can I Do With a Major in ...?" section of Career Options.

When you have found the right major, you know it! You are excited about your courses and want more opportunities to further your intellectual passion and curiosity. Here are some resources that may help further define your academic and/or career focus.

Identify undergraduate research opportunities:

Apply for internships:

  • Talk with your faculty and divisional advisors, as well as the Center for Career Exploration and Success, etc., about available internship opportunities.
  • Attend Career Fairs and Expos, where you can discuss full-time and internship positions with selected employers.
  • Visit Programs & Events (Center for Career Exploration and Success).
  • Check out Internships (Center for Career Exploration and Success).

Join student organizations, honorary societies, and leadership programs that further develop specific skills and experiences:

Explore scholarships and fellowships:

  • You may want to consider national scholarships and fellowships.
  • To be competitive for one of the prestigious scholarships (e.g., Rhodes, Goldwater), you need to begin to prepare for the application process now. Many Miami students have been awarded prestigious scholarships and fellowships.

Consider study abroad programs:

Meet with your faculty advisor and your CAS advisor to discuss how study abroad programs can meet degree requirements and to determine the best time for you to study abroad.