Geologic History of Southwestern Ohio

At the Limper Geology Museum, you will be able to explore a large collection of local rock, mineral, and fossil samples representative of southwestern Ohio's geologic history. Learn how the rocks formed, take a look at the life in the ocean that covered this area 450 million years ago, and find out how those organisms became the fossils we see today.

Some of our area's unique geological features and the processes that occurred to form them are:

The same forces that cause volcanoes, mountains, and ocean basins also cause climatic changes that have greatly influenced the forms of life that have thrived and died out on Earth. These changes, and their resulting geographic features and fossils, are interesting to scientists and non-scientists alike. Scientists use the evidence recorded within rocks throughout geologic time to reconstruct a picture of earth's history. Amateurs, too, can look at local rocks to learn about what life was like in the Ordovician Period, 505 to 438 million years ago.