Common Sense for Caring Organizations: Results from a Study of High-Performing Home Care Agencies and Nursing Homes

February 28, 2013


  • Jane K. Straker
  • Sarah G. Boehle
  • Ian "Matt" Nelson
  • Emily Fox

While most daily care and assistance for Ohio’s older population is provided by family and friends, paid direct care workers such as nurses and home care aides provide much of the formal assistance in the daily lives of Ohio’s frail elders. These care workers are the lowest paid and least trained workers in Ohio’s long-term care workforce. A new study by Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University identified the best practices and strategies for supporting direct care workers by studying high-performing Ohio nursing homes and home care agencies. By identifying high-performing organizations, researchers were able to learn what those organizations were doing right in terms of supporting their staff.

Full Report 9PDF 5.8MB)

Research Brief (PDF 291KB)


  • Workforce Issues