Long-term services and supports (LTSS): A growing challenge for an aging America

April 29, 2015


  • Robert A. Applebaum

Because most Americans do not plan for the likelihood that we will need formal assistance because of a disability, many end up using the public assistance Medicaid program as the safety net for LTSS. The breadth and depth of issues surrounding LTSS, the number of individuals and families that will need LTSS both now and in the future, and the implications that this system will have on private and public resources suggests that the White House Conference on Aging, the Public, the Administration, and Congress must devote significant thought and action to ensure that we have a sustainable, effective, and high-quality system of LTSS.

Public Policy and Aging Report, 25 (2), 56-62. doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/ppar/prv003

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  • Legal/ Advocacy
  • Long-Term Care Policy and Financing